Gearup for Big Competition at E-Town

E-Town has always been a fantastic place for the F-Series as the racing and competition is awesome when we take to the track that many racers consider home! Two really nice weekends are in the forecast and with the State Championship leading the way into the Gearup Challenge the track will be alive with some of the best racing in the Northeast. The championships are already starting to take shape and it will be interesting to see who can handle this very technical & challenging track that has been recently given the name of the bullring. An ideal location, E-Town is sure to set up to be one of the largest karting races of the 2018 karting season. As always we encourage everyone to come and enjoy these two awesome karting events at Raceway Park. Staying consistent with rules has always been one of our trademarks so if you have not been to the track in a few years or months don’t hesitate to make it out for this as not much has changed. Don’t know all the ins and outs, no worries we have made it easy with all the quick¬†links below. Need further details send us a message at

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