Remarkable Racing and Wonderful Winter Weather at WSKA Winter Series

Wintertime in Southern California’s Antelope Valley is truly amazing. Temperatures are just above freezing at sunrise but the chill does not remain very long. Rather, the beautiful clear blue skies allow the sun to quickly warm the air to the low 70’s, the optimum mixture for kart racing, horsepower, and close competition.

The WSKA (Willow Springs Kart Association) Winter Series at Willow Springs International Raceway hosted its second round of competition on Sunday, January 28th. Rookies and Professional Karters from Central and Southern California enjoyed “Fun, Competitive, and Affordable Racing,” the mission of the WSKA Series.

Thank you to all the karters, WSKA team members, mechanics, crew members, families, friends, and fans that came to the event and continue to support the growth of Karting and Grassroots Racing.

Cheers to all the participants and our Podium Finishers (see below)

WSKA is especially thankful for its sponsors for that support the growth of Karting and Grassroots Racing:

MMK – Mike Manning Karting, MDG Karting, V8 Road Racing, Michael Leib Motorsports, Pro Racing Specialties, and Willow Springs International Raceway

The WSKA Winter Series has 2 rounds of competition remaining in the 4-race series: Round 3 – Sunday, February 11, 2018 and the Double Points Round 4 Season Finale’ on Sunday, March 4, 2018.

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Link to event timing & scoring results:

TAG Mini – presented by MLM Michael Leib Motorsports

1st – Branden Centeno
2nd – Tyler Abel
3rd – Christian Mancini

206 Junior – presented by Pro Racing Specialties

1st – Connor Croutcher
2nd – Kyle Schuoler

206 Senior – presented by Pro Racing Specialties

1st – Ryan Andres
2nd – Troy Jones
3rd – Troy “TJ” Jones


1st – Quintin Bineau

TAG Senior – presented by MMK Mike Manning Karting

1st – Alex Gutierrez
2nd – Sicheng “Harry” Lo
3rd – William Harwood

TAG Master – presented by MMK Mike Manning Karting

1st – Scott Nealon

100cc Novice – presented by MDG Karting

1st – Brent Klenin
2nd – Aaron Noble
3rd – Daniel Kim

100cc Senior – presented by MDK Karting

1st – Bryan Lampe
2nd – Savannah Croutcher
3rd – Kenneth Byers, Jr.

100cc Master – presented by MDG Karting

1st – Stuart Hayner
2nd – Terrence Giffen
3rd – Beau Tucker

KA-100 – presented by MDG Karting

1st – Arman Cornell
2nd – Mark Klenin
3rd – Russ Schuoler

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