USAC Karting Class Structure Set for 2018 Battle at the Brickyard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Seventeen classes are currently set to do battle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 6-8th.  The 2017 event saw 307 entries in the inaugural running of the Battle of the Brickyard. The first karting event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the first karting event sanctioned by USAC was an overwhelming success in what was billed by many as having the “atmosphere of a club race, but on a world-renowned stage”.  With free admission to the entire paddock, a mixed class structure, and the chance to race at The Racing Capital of the World™ the Battle at the Brickyard quickly took on the look and feel of what a major karting event should be: competitive and fun… Without the pressure of cash payouts our points, competitors raced for the pure enjoyment of the sport and the results did not disappoint.

“Karting was always meant to be enjoyed with the family and your friends. This isn’t the top tier of motorsports. It’s a place to come race and have fun above all else. We want to build a family atmosphere with special events, not just put on a race and go home.” Explains USAC Racing CEO and President Kevin Miller. “We don’t want the competitor to have to break the bank just to race at a venue like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.”

The largest classes were the Briggs and Stratton LO206 classes in 2017 and they’re set to get larger. As previously announced the Margay Ignite Masters class is set to take their inaugural green flag at IMS. True to the class structure, competitors 35 and older will compete to win “A Brick”. The Margay Ignite classes will both compete according to the Margay Ignite rules.

Eric Jones was the only competitor to double up in 2017 with wins in Briggs and Stratton 206 Medium and Heavy. The Heavy class was a 4 way duel separating the top 4 by a mere .181 of a second.

USAC Karting is making the move to conform the Briggs & Stratton 206 Junior class to CIK bodywork and seat rules for the 2018 Battle at the Brickyard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This is to reduce the need for competitors to develop or purchase “low drag aero bodies”.

Returning to the grid for 2018 will be the Briggs and Stratton 206 medium, heavy, and masters joining the Margay Ignite senior class. All classes will utilize CIK Bodywork and seat rules while on Bridgestone rubber.

Briggs 206 Junior Yellow      Age 12-15       320lbs

Briggs 206 Medium   Age 15+          350lbs

Briggs 206 Heavy       Age 15+          370lbs

Briggs 206 Masters    Age 35+/30+   385lbs

Margay Ignite Senior Age15+           360lbs

Margay Ignite Masters           Age 35+          370lbs

The 2 cycle classes will see minimal changes for 2018. The most notable will be the addition of KZ to the Stock Honda CR125 engines in the 125cc Shifter Masters. This addition will give the KZ powered competitors that are 35 years old and up a second class to race in 2018. The Honda CR125 and KZ drivers will remain separated but share track time in their respective classes for 125cc shifter. The three 125cc shifter classes will compete on MG rubber. Along with the 125cc classes, the popular Honda CR80 Senior shifter class will return in 2018 on Hoosier Tires. IAME Senior and Junior will both return unchanged as well as TAG Masters. TAG Masters is open to the X30, Leopard, Rotax FR125, Vortex ROK TT, and Rotax FR125 EVO engines.

Honda CR125 Senior  Age 15+          385lbs

KZ Shifter Senior       Age 15+          385lbs

125cc Shifter Masters            Age 35+/30+   TBD

Honda CR80 Sr           Age 15+          360lbs/370lbs

IAME Junior   Age 12-15       320lbs

IAME Senior  Age 15+          360lbs

TAG Masters  Age 35+/30+   Based on Engine

Yamaha classes will also return in 2018; however, more details will be released at a later date. With great racing across the four classes resulting in wins that were all separated by less than a second, USAC still believes the KT100 provides one of the most competitive and economical platforms in karting.

How close was the competition in the Yamaha classes? Weston Moon edged out Yamaha Masters winner Ron Petersen and Michael Dittmer in Yamaha Heavy .183 of a second in one of the best finishes of the day in Yamaha.

Yamaha Supercan Junior       Age12-15        320lbs

Yamaha Supercan Medium    Age15+           340lbs

Yamaha Supercan Heavy       Age 15+          360lbs

Yamaha Supercan Masters     Age 35+/30+   360lbs

In bringing back one of the time honored traditions of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, USAC Karting is bringing back the tradition of Bump Day. On May 20th if any class has fewer than 16 entries they are at risk of being “bumped out” of the 2018 running, so enter early! USAC Karting will make all attempts to combine track time for classes with lesser entries where possible for the safety of the competitors.

Pre-Registration will open in February for the Battle at the Brickyard. Battle at the Brickyard is July 5-8 2018.

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