Briggs & Stratton Releases 2018 ‘206’ Rule Set

The beauty of the Briggs & Stratton 206 engine program is stability. To save time we updated the rule set press release from 2015.  Similar to our approach to rule set changes all updates to our 2015 press release are highlighted in RED.

The official 2015 (2018) Briggs & Stratton 206 rule set is now available online at

“If you have the first-ever 206 engine built in the Fall of 2008 you can still win a Championship just as you can with the engine we have yet to build” stated David Klaus, Director – Briggs & Stratton Racing. “Combining the simplicity of out of the box, competitive racing with the long-term stability and reliability of an engine which is engineered for racing defines what the 206 program is all about. Imagine the engine changes our sport has seen in the last 9 years. Our interest as racers, as a company in racing is to bring stability and promote great racing, not stoke rule changes or designed obsolescence to drive sales.”

For the 2015 (2018) rule set we continue to clarify and build from the initial rule set we first released in 2009. Every year over year clarification, as mentioned earlier, is highlighted in red. We have moved to a stationary timing check (26 degrees) to simplify tech while maintaining 30 degrees of actual running timing.  In addition we have addressed head temperature thermocouples, defined a push rod check for better consistency, and reiterated existing rules where necessary.

“We would like to thank our racer for the support and belief in our program.  As we move forward our goals and promise remains that same. Have a GREAT 2018!”

Briggs 2018 206 Rules_0118_4

2 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Releases 2018 ‘206’ Rule Set

  1. Paragraph 31 has been incorrect every year since I downloaded my copy of the 2016 rules. The paragraph (31. Crankcase) should have crankcase rules but has the beginning of Paragraph 32 repeated instead (clutch rules). My copy of the 2015 rules have the correct Paragraph 31.

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