CRG To Organize 24 Hours Karting of Italy

The CRG management and the Adria raceway circuit have made official the organization of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy, an event that is going to become the new reference point in the Endurance races field and it’s going to take place on March 24-25, 2018 with the CRG Centurion karts managed by the CRG Racing Team technicians.

Two leaders in the respective fields will join to create a top event, both from the technical point of view, considering that CRG will provide a brand new fleet of 40 Centurion karts, and the logistic point of view, thanks to the futuristic services provided by the Adria circuit.

The structure of the track is able to provide the teams with real boxes with sliding doors similar to the F1, screens to follow the race in live timing and all the comforts inside. Moreover, the circuit provides the best illumination system at European level, a modern video room for the race direction’s control and hotel rooms that overlook the karting track, that can be used by the teams for their rest periods during the event.

The Adria track hosted the European Karting Championship, Italian Championship and many WSK events and it is one of the most technical and modern ones in international karting. With this event, CRG proves once again its will to complete its offer in the rental karting sector in a big way, placing the 24 Hours together with the Endurance Kart Cup (championship on 3 rounds of 4h each) and the Rental Kart World Contest, the event that will take place in October, a challenge among the best teams selected from the CRG tracks in the world. The team winner of the 24 Hours will also directly qualify for the Rental Kart World Contest, besides winning a brand new CRG FS4 of the Briggs Kart Championship series.

About the regulation, the information currently available are the following: the teams will have a kart assigned by lottery that they will have to manage for all the race (without kart changes); there will be ballasts to balance the different weight of the drivers; the starting procedure will be in “Le Mans style” and the driving turns will last 30’.

After making official the date on the last weekend of March, CRG will present the complete regulation and the official logo by the end of December, called 24 Hours Karting of Italy. It is a charming event open to everyone: from the most experienced drivers and teams (also international teams), to the petrolheads and beginners. 38 teams will be admitted and the registrations will open on January 15, 2018; the entry fee will be Euro 2.560,00 (taxes included), placing the event at the top for price performance (new CRG karts managed by the racing team and services of the new Adria raceway).

For further information, you can contact the CRG’s Endurance division office writing an e-mail to  or calling the CRG office at +39.331.6305745

24 Hours Karting of Italy in a nutshell:

Location: Adria karting circuit

Date: 24th-25th March

Kart: CRG Centurion 390cc managed by the CRG racing team

Format: 1h30’ of free practice – qualifying practice – 24 Hours race with driver change every 30’

Team: from 4 to 10 drivers

Entry fee: Euro 2.560,00 (taxes included)

Registration opening: on on January 15th 2018

Prizes: for the team winner: participation for free to the Rental Kart World Contest and 1 CRG FS4. For the 2nd place: participation for free to the 1stround of the Endurance Kart Cup. For the 3rd place: voucher of € 500,00 for the registration to the Endurance Kart Cup (to be spent for the 1st race or for the championship registration).

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