Team USA Drivers Take on World at IAME International Final

Racers from SKUSA, USPKS and WKA ready to battle at Le Mans

The sixth edition of the IAME International Final is underway as the top X30 Challenge competitors from around the world converge on the Le Mans Karting International circuit in France. Six divisions are set to compete at the famed facility, with a strong increase in participation from driver that call the United States of America home. Team USA has 14 drivers that call America home in four of the divisions, ready to do battle this week in France.

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Santiago Trisini (Photo:

This is the first year the Mini category has joined the IAME International Final event, with 34 spots available to racers from around the world. The United States Pro Kart Series was able to secure two spot, one full ticket to Santiago Trisini – earning the ticket for leading the championship after the third event. Eventual champion Brent Crews secured one of the spots thanks to winning the overall weekend point total at the USPKS Pittsburgh weekend. Ugo Ugochukwu has called the USA home for many years, and spent all of 2017 competing overseas, earning his spot in the Mini division through Italy. USPKS Micro Swift champion Mateo Rubio-Luengo earned a spot in the Mini division through his native Spain, while Superkarts! USA Pro Tour race winner and 2016 Rotax Grand Finals world champion Diego LaRoque has been competing in the X30 Euro Challenge, looking to add a second world title to his CV. SKUSA Pro Tour champion Carson Morgan declined the ticket to the IAME event.

#801 – Ugo Ugochukwu (Energy)
#803 – Santiago Trisini (USPKS – Benik)
#811 – Brent Crews (USPKS – Nitro Kart)
#830 – Mateo Rubio-Luengo (Benik)
#833 – Diego LaRoque (PDB)


Tyler Maxson (Photo: EKN)

Four drivers represent the Red, White and Blue in the Junior category. Gunnar Bischoff won his ticket to the IAME International Final through the WKA Winter Cup program and IAME USA East. The other three entered as ‘wildcards’, and is part of the 132 entries that are competing. Texas driver Alejandro Jaramillo, Joseph Brienza from Colorado, and Georgian Tyler Maxson. Of those three, Maxson is the only driver to find success on the SKUSA Pro Tour, placing runner-up at New Castle.

#8 – Alejandro Jaramillo (Tony Kart)
#54 – Joseph Brienza II (CompKart)
#148 – Gunnar Bischoff (WKA – Tony Kart)
#174 – Tyler Maxson (Tony Kart)


Brandon Jarsocrak (Photo: EKN)

The four drivers representing the USA in the 134-entry Senior division have a lot of experience. Brandon Jarsocrak is the eldest of the four, making his first trip overseas. The United States Pro Kart Series champion and #3 SKUSA plate holder was among the most consistent driver in the United States throughout 2017, finally securing his first SKUSA Pro Tour victory at New Castle. Ryan Norberg has a number of international events under his belt, including the Rotax Grand Finals and Rok Cup International Final. The SKUSA Pro Tour champion is making his first start at the IAME International Final. Dante Yu has been competing in Europe over the last two seasons, hoping his recent win at the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix can help bring in the momentum needed to improve his 24th in the B-Main in Junior last year. Maks Kowalski is making his first Senior start at the biggest race of the year. The United States Pro Kart Series IAME Junior champion was forced to move up due to his age. Kowalski competed at the event last year in Junior, placing 23rd in the C-Main.

#202 – Maks Kowalski (USPKS – Merlin)
#208 – Brandon Jarsocrak (USPKS – Praga)
#345 – Dante Yu (CompKart)
#348 – Ryan Norberg (SKUSA – Birel ART)


The lone Master driver at the IAME International Final is Derek Wang. The Washington driver has been all over the world in karting, as a six-time Team USA Rotax member. This is his first start at the IAME world championship, looking to put himself into the record books. Wang has already gotten in some laps this weekend in Le Mans.

#409 – Derek Wang (SKUSA – FA Kart)

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