Superkarts! USA Video: TOMversation – SKUSA Pro Tour SummerNationals

Looking into the future of the organization with SKUSA CEO at Pro Tour finale

(Photo: On Track Promotions -

The 2017 Superkarts! USA Pro Tour wrap up at the New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana last month. The new members of the SKUSA Circle of Champions were decided as the organization looks to close out the season at the famed SKUSA SuperNationals 21. During the weekend in New Castle, Superkarts! USA owner and CEO Tom Kutscher sat down for another TOMversation with Eyenovation’s Chris Oternburger. Interesting edits were in this edition, along with bleeps covering up the ‘normal’ language we here from the eccentric Kutscher. The two discuss SKUSA shifter program – IAME and Honda, the trade-in program, pushback bumpers, video marshalling system, SuperNationals 21, and the new Florida program that begins Winter 2018.


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