Northwest Kart Dates East Season Finale Report

The dust has flown all season until the finale of the first year of the Northwest Kart Dates racing season. Many big names have raced a NWKD seasoned race in 2017 and the finale for the East Division did not disappoint either at Tri City Kart Club on August 5th, 2017.

Junior 1 206-

Trey Arnzen was lighting fast with a time of 40.933, besting the field by .488 of a second. This looked to be a normal race for Trey with an easy win. 206 East Junior 1 Points leader, Ryan Hanson qualified in 7th with a 42.357. Even though, they qualified in the day time, there is no telling who will have a perfect setup for the night racing for the main event.

In heat one, Trey Arnzen did what he always does at Tri City Kart Club in Richland, WA. Trey posted a 40.780 on lap 11 and won the heat race unchallenged by 8.512 seconds. Harrison Budzeck battled off a charging Teagan Fletcher to finish second and third. Ryan Hanson fought all heat and finished in 5th place, giving him an inside line for the main event.

The main event was much cooler than the heat race and qualifying that created issues with setup for some drivers. Trey Arnzen looked like he lost some speed in the main event. On lap 3, Harrison Budzeck got around Trey Arnzen for the top spot. They were nose to tail the whole track. Trey Arnzen would reclaim first place on lap five. That didn’t stop Harrison though. It was a three kart race as Harrison, Trey and Teagan Fletcher was all bunched up running the same lap times as each other. Any one of these drivers could have won the race, but on lap 16, Harrison passed Trey Arnzen for the top spot and never looked back. Trey would have his chain come off out of turn two on the last lap. Harrison Budzeck scores his first ever NWKD 206 wins. Teagan Fletcher and Ryan Hanson would finish the top three.

— Spoiler — Ryan Hanson is the first ever Northwest Kart Dates East 206 Junior 1 Champion and has earned a race entry into the TCKC Shootout on Aug 26th, 2017!

Junior 2 206

Junior 2 at TCKC has been awesome this year at NWKD events. NWKD has attracted drivers from around the Northwest to come and race these special club races.  Zack Franzke would qualify on pole with a 41.023 with Carson Kunz coming in second with a 41.251. This looks to be an awesome race for the fans that showed up to watch some awesome 206 club racing.

Zach Franzke wasn’t given the first heat race without pressure from Daytona Arnzen. Elizabeth Hunter would find some more speed after qualifying fourth. Zach Franzke would fall to third on lap three with Daytona Arnzen taking the top spot. Carson Kunz and Daytona Arnzen would swap first and second back to back until Carson Kunz fell out of the race on lap 8. Zach took his time and reclaimed first after Carson fell out of the race and never looked back with Daytona Arnzen finishing second and Elizabeth Hunter in third.

Just like the Junior 1 206 race, the cool weather helped some drivers with their setup and some not so much. Zack Franzke took the green flag and Daytona and Elizabeth Hunter fell in line. They were nose to tail all race. That is why the Briggs 206 races are so impressive because any one driver can win. On Lap 10, Daytona Arnzen would challenge Zach and take over the race lead. On lap 14 and 15, Zach would reclaim the top spot until the very next lap where Daytona retook the lead and never looked back. Zach Franzke finished second and Elizabeth Hunter would finish third with the second fastest lap. Carson Kunz posted the fastest lap of the main event and finished fourth.

Daytona Arnzen is the first ever Northwest Kart Dates East 206 Junior 2 Champion. We hope that she will try to run the NWKD 206 series next year and defend her championship.

Senior 206-

If you want to see close racing, then the Senior 206 class won’t disappoint, nine out of ten drivers were within a second of the fastest time of 41.583 by Kellen Dean (Kosmic). Surprised time by Gabe Sessler (Birel) with a 41.974 gave Sessler a starting spot of second. Spencer Kunz and Adam Smalley will start in the second row for heat one.

On the start of the heat race, Gabe Sessler would be pushed out of the racing line in turn two and go from second to last place. Gabe Sessler would gain a few spots throughout heat one but would be DQed for not having his transponder on his kart. Kellen Dean would smash the field and pull away from them by 4.909 seconds. Kellen Dean would easily win the heat race with Justin Korenkiewicz in second and Spencer Kunz in third.

The main event didn’t slow Kellen Dean down any bit. With the fastest time of the main event Kellen Dean would win the main event unchallenged by 7.526! Justin Korenkiewicz would finish second with Tyler Brown in third. Gabe Sessler would gain four spots after starting last finishing in 6th place. The man to look for is Kellen Dean for the TCKC Shootout in two weeks on the 26th in Richland, WA. He has the speed and has won the event two years ago.

Kellen Dean would win the first ever NWKD Senior 206 East Championship! We hope that he will try to run the NWKD 206 series next year and defend her championship.

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