Briggs & Stratton Clutch Rule Update

8/11/17 – Effective Immediately – Non-impacting

In order to maintain the core principals of 206 program the following update to the clutch rule set, section 32, is effective immediately. Included in this update is a clarification of the driver and standard driver conversion as a non-tech item to prevent any future confusion. This updated language is highlighted in red. The official Briggs & Stratton 206 rule set has also been changed along with the date on our website.

32. Clutch (updated 8/11/17)
a. Novice class must run the supplied Max-Torque clutch, part #555727. No alteration to the clutch is allowed, except springs, driver (when applicable), driver conversion and clutch key are non-tech.
b. Junior 1, Junior 2, Senior, and Masters Classes can run any rim centrifugal clutch with a maximum of 9 springs and 6 shoes. No alteration to clutch allowed, except springs, driver, driver conversion and clutch key are non-tech. Clutch coolers are not allowed.
c. Clutch drums must be stamped single-piece steel only. Aftermarket drums with “machined” contact surfaces are not allowed.
d. Clutch claim rule – Per standard sanctioning body guidelines, claiming can be implemented, Maximum of $160.00.

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