CKI Pads Lead in WKA NRRS Chassis Standings

Competition Karting Inc out of Welcome, North Carolina, a longtime stalwart in the chassis business, further strengthened its lead in the Manufacturers Standings this past weekend at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia in the Dunlop / Xeramic National Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting.

Coming into the weekend, CKI tallied 26 wins so far in classes that netted 3 or more entries. This past weekend, John Klutz and the CKI gang added another 8 wins, bringing their current total to 34 wins so far this season. All totalled, 11 different chassis’s scored wins at Summit Point, including 2 apiece by Ital Kart, Praga, Bandit, and Minarelli. Registering 1 win for the weekend were Elite, CRG, DSE, Ballistic, PT4, and Cyclone.

The wins accrued by CKI now give them a commanding 28 win edge with 2 races left in the season, July 21-23 at Virginia International Raceway, and the season finale September 15-17 at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

Here’s a look at the updated standings:

CKI: 34
MGM: 6
Elite: 5
Ital Kart: 5
Margay: 4
CRG: 3
Praga: 3
Arrow: 3
Owl: 2
Parolin: 2
Warren: 2
PT2: 2
DR: 2
Birel: 2
DSE: 2
Bandit: 2
Minarelli: 2
PVP: 1
Sodi Kart: 1
Coyote: 1
Tony Kart: 1
Kosmic: 1
Ballistic: 1
PT4: 1
Cyclone: 1

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