RIP Alain Bordes

Bordes seen here working on Tyler Dueck's Intrepid (Photo: T. Dueck)

Bordes with Champion Racing and Kinnear celebrating the 2016 SKUSA Pro Tour championship (Photo: Champion Racing)

Alain Bordes, known by many in the karting paddock as ‘Frenchie’, passed away. The longtime Champion Racing / Intrepid mechanic was a longtime figure in the paddock at national and international events – notably with Jordy Vorrath, Tyler Dueck and Ryan Kinnear along with others. Bordes was at the recent SKUSA SpringNationals working with Kinnear, who earned the SKUSA Pro Tour #1 plate with the S4 Master Stock Honda championship in 2016.

Alain and I traveled all over the world to race Italy with Ryan and France with Tyler. Alain was always a blast to be around and always great story’s and Memories. Prayers to Stacey and boys. Alain will be greatly missed. – Rodney Berryhill, Champion Racing

This is the man that made me the fastest driver in ICA Angerville Wold Championships. He was a fighter and never backed down from his passions. He challenged Alessandro Manetti at the world championships telling him that the European way wouldn’t work we set fastest lap in 3 of the heats, unfortunately I crashed and missed the final but it made me a name in the intrepid family. Fast forward to my first year in Formula Renault, I was struggling and the team couldn’t figure out how to make the car work for me. Alain came to Mugello to work with me and Cram Competition. He set me back on the path and I started winning again. He taught me how to hang my head high and gave an 18 year old me confidence to succeed. My heart goes out to Stacey, Julien and Etienne. – Tyler Dueck

I’ve raced and been close friends with Alain for the last 11 years. I can truly say he was one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. Absolutely devastated – Jordy Vorrath

Struggling with what to say. Thanks Alain for all the amazing memories that will last a lifetime. You will be sorely missed. – Ryan Kinnear

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