Bridgestone, WKA Release Statement Regarding New Tire, Marking Procedure

WKA has been in consultation with Bridgestone regarding the concerns that arose at the WKA Winter Cup event in Ocala. Recognizing a need to take action Bridgestone’s kart product manager stated, “It’s unfortunate our valued karting customers experienced performance differences of YLC compound tires between the two logo version tires (“new” and “old”), and that WKA had to shoulder the burden at the event, however, we will work with WKA and take the proper steps to avoid this from happening in the future.”

As always when there is a change there is a transition period and Bridgestone is working with its distributors to release the “new” logo tires through its normal distribution channels and ensure the tires are available to the competitors. Additionally, for drivers that have not procured the “new” logo tires by the WKA Pittsburgh Event Bridgestone will also offer a 1 for 1 exchange at the event (tires must be new in wrappers). These important steps ensure the drivers are all competing on equal equipment now and into the future.

WKA New Tire Marking Procedure:

For the Pittsburg Event, all WKA competitors will be required to bring to the WKA official tire marking area their race tires on competition Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. The tires will receive a very unique marking system to make sure that the tires submitted are personalized to the driver competing in that class.

WKA’s President John Ferris stated, “Bridgestone has given assurances to WKA a return to the “Bar Codes” getting put back on the tires I see this as a temporary solution until that happens later this year. This temporary process will ensure that all drivers are using the required tires that were meant for that day’s competition and to make sure our valued racers know that the driver next to them is on the same tires for the competition day. Again this process will only be temporary as with the return of the “Bar Codes” WKA will be moving into a full scanning system of Tires, Engines and Chassis.”

Stay tuned to our Pitboard emails and social media posts, as we will be making an exciting announcement about major additional prizes to go into effect starting at the first Manufacturer’s Cup race at PittRace on May 19-21st.

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