Southern Takes Two Wins at So Cal Oval Karters Season Opener in Victorville

Local racer Chris Southern turned out to be the big winner when the So Cal Oval Karters kicked off the season last Saturday night at John Aden’s Wheel2Wheel Raceway in Victorville.  Southern won four of his six starts including the main events in both the KT100 and Open classes to fire the opening shots of the 2017 campaign.

Saturday’s race was the first of 11 dates on the SCOK schedule and the first of five at Wheel2Wheel.  After winning both heat races in the Open class, Southern, 52 of Hesperia, started on the front row in each main event.  In the Open Class, he was on the pole in his familiar #11 and he beat Cathedral City karter Dillon Hoffman, Paul Rees of Long Beach and Fountain Valley’s Scott Bohle to the checkered flag.

The defending SCOK KT100 Series champion, Southern had to be considered the favorite in the KT main event.  In 2016, he bested the field in five of the seven KT100 races at Wheel2Wheel and starting on the outside of the front row made him the pre-race favorite.  Southern’s son Thomas, also of Hesperia, won both KT100 heat races and was slated to start on the pole for the main.  However, he broke a chain as he was lining up and was done before for the race ever got started.

Without his son to deal with, Southern continued his winning ways and bagged the KT100 main event in front of San Diego’s Randy Truax, Ted Marshall, Donnie Crawford and Steve Parker.  Along with Thomas Southern, Dillon Hoffman, was a non-starter in the KT100’s.

After the KT100 main, the elder Southern said, “he (Thomas Southern) was the fastest KT by far and would have won the main event if he did not break the chain.”

San Diego’s Ronnie Benton had a successful launch of the season in the Senior 4 Cycle class winning both heats and the main event.  Tony de Almeida of Chino and Cliff Kane took the second and third place spots.  In the F200 class, defending series champion Steve Juillerat of Whittier, who won five of the seven main events at W2W last year, bested Menifee’s Don Amigliore for the first checkered flag of 2017.

Kailana Franklin was the first to the checkered flag in the Junior/Junior class all night long taking both heats and the main.  Brandon Head and Caden Kane were second and third.

The SCOK will be back in action when they race under the sun at Perris Auto Speedway on April 15th.  The arrive and drive program will be ready to go that day for anyone who wants to take 10-laps in a race ready kart for $25.00 + a $10.00 pit pass.  For more information or to reserve a space call or E-mail Mike Night at (805) 857-2595 –

The So Cal Oval Karters would like to thank the following sponsors for helping make the championship series possible.  Burris Racing, Cory Kruseman Sprint Car Driving School,, Perris Auto Speedway, R&J Motorsports, THC Home Medical Services, T-MAC Racing and Yamaha of America Racing Engines.  If you or your business would like to become a partner of the So Cal Oval Karters, please call or E-mail Mike Nigh at (805) 857-2595 or

March 18 Wheel2Wheel KT100 Main Event (with starting positions)

  1. Chris Southern – 2nd – Hesperia
    2. Randy Truax – 4th – San Diego
    3. Ted Marshall – 1st
    4. Donnie Crawford – 5th
    5. Steve Parker – 3rd
    DNS – Thomas Southern – Hesperia
    DNS – Dillon Hoffman – Cathedral City

March 18 Wheel2Wheel Open Class Main Event (with starting positions)

  1. Chris Southern – 1st – Hesperia
    2. Dillon Hoffman – 2nd – Cathedral City
    3. Paul Rees – 3rd – Long Beach
    4. Scott Bohle – 4th – Fountain Valley

March 18 Wheel2Wheel Senior 4 Cycle Main Event (with starting positions)

  1. Ronnie Benton – 1st – San Diego
    2. Ron de Almeida – 2nd – Chino
    3. Cliff Kane – 3rd

March 18 Wheel2Wheel F200 Main Event (with starting positions)

  1. Steve Juillerat – 1st – Whittier
    2. Don Amigliore – 2nd – Menifee

March 18 Wheel2Wheel Junior/Junior Main Event (with starting positions)

  1. Kailana Franklin – 1st
    2. Brandon Head 3rd
    3. Caden Kane – 2nd

2017 So Cal Oval Karters Winners


March 18 – Wheel2Wheel Raceway – Chris Southern


March 18 – Wheel2Wheel Raceway – Chris Southern

Senior 4 Cycle

March 18 – Wheel2Wheel – Ronnie Benton


March 18 – Wheel2Wheel Raceway – Steve Juillerat


March 18 – Wheel2Wheel Raceway – Kailana Franklin

2017 So Cal Oval Karters 2017 Schedule

April 15 – Perris Auto Speedway
May 6 – Wheel2Wheel
June 10 – Perris Auto Speedway (road course)
July 15 – Wheel2Wheel
August 5 – The Grand Arena at Industry Hills
August 12 – Perris Auto Speedway
September 9 – Wheel2Wheel
September 30 – Perris Auto Speedway
October 14 – Wheel2Wheel
November 4 – Perris Auto Speedway

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