EKN Constructors Championship – March 24

Number of brands earning points in first quarter of 2017 season

The first quarter of 2017 is in the books, and a busy schedule of karting events have been completed through the first three months of the season. The winter months typically were used to recharge and prepare for the summer season. Today, there is not a weekend that does not have a major event on it. It has kept the EKN News Desk busy, collecting all the stats and information from the first 13 events of the 2017 EKN Constructors Championship.

Tony Kart has continued from earning its sixth straight EKN CC title last year, opening up 2017 as the top chassis brand. The lead OTK brand is one of two to score points at all the events thus far in 2017, earning the top score at four of the events and placing top-three in all but two. Earning points in each and every event has helped to establish a solid lead, already doubling the total of second place – Birel ART. The brand continues to grow across North America, earning the highest total at the second stops of the Florida Winter Tour Rok/Rotax.

FA Kart is the only other brand to reach the triple-digit mark, sitting third at this point. The second OTK brand was the top earner at the second stop of Challenge of the Americas program, including three wins over the two rounds of racing. Kosmic put three OTK models inside the top-four. Its highest score came at Challenge of the Americas opening rounds in Tucson.

Fifth is the Cadet brand of Benik. Scoring points in just the Cadet divisions, Benik continues its momentum over from last year, finishing seventh overall. Benik was the third highest scorer at the last three races (WKA Winter Cup, SKUSA WinterNats, and Florida Winter Tour finales).

The highest earner at the SKUSA Pro Tour WinterNationals was the Sodi Kart brand. Over the last few years, the brand has continued to establish a solid footing in the United States, and three victories and multiple podiums helped Sodi to earn the highest event total thus far of 2017.

The only other brand to score points at all 13 races of the 2017 EKN CC program is CompKart. Currently seventh, the brand continues to expand across North America and has solid representation at the major events from coast to coast. Top Kart finished the 2016 season as runner-up, currently opening up 2017 in eighth. The majority of the brand’s points have come from the two WKA events, earning the second highest total of the Daytona KartWeek event and the most at the Winter Cup race in Jacksonville.

Rounding out the top-10 is CRG and Energy. CRG Nordam is working hard to re-establish a solid foundation of CRG dealers and drivers once again in North America, coming away from the opening round of the California ProKart Challenge with the most points. Energy placed 14th at the end of last year, already improving to reach the top-10 after just three months of 2017.

EKN Constructors Championship Upcoming Events

3/25,Gearup Challenge F-Series,Round 1,GoPro Motorplex,Mooresville-NC
4/1,California ProKart Challenge,Round 2,Willow Springs Raceway,Rosamond- CA
4/2,Texas ProKart Challenge,Round 2,Dallas Karting Complex,Caddo Mills-TX
4/2,WKA Winter Cup,Round 5-6,Ocala Gran Prix,Ocala-FL
4/9,Rotax Challenge of the Americas,Round 5-6,Simraceway Performance Karting Center,Sonoma-CA
4/9,United States Pro Kart Series,Round 1-2,GoPro Motorplex,Mooresville-NC
4/22,Gearup Challenge F-Series,Round 2,New Jersey Motorsports Park,Millville-NJ
5/7,SKUSA Pro Tour SpringNationals,Round 3-4,Simraceway Performance Karting Center,Sonoma-CA
5/21,Can-Am Karting Challenge,Round 1-2,Horn Rapids Kart Track,Richland- WA
5/21,WKA Manufacturers Cup Series,Round 3-4,Pittsburgh International Race Complex,Wampum-PA
5/27,Gearup Challenge F-Series,Round 3,Englishtown Raceway Park,Englishtown-NJ

Inside the Numbers:

Number of brands scoring points in all 13 events – CompKart and Tony Kart

Number of brands new to the EKN Constructors Championship scoring points (PDB, Nitro Kart, Keener Kart, Track Kart, Alpha)

Number of brands to outscore Tony Kart on the season – Kosmic, CRG, Birel ART, FA Kart, Top Kart, Sodi Kart – already eclipsing the total for the 2016 season (5)

Number of brands over 100 mark

Highest number of brands scoring at one event (SKUSA Pro Tour WinterNationals)

Total number of brands scoring points

Highest event point total of the season – Sodi Kart (SKUSA Pro Tour WinterNationals)

Margin from first to second

EKN Constructors Championship Guidelines
The EKN Constructors Championship calculation process includes the top-five finishers in each recognized class (Senior-Master-Junior-Cadet classes). The SKUSA SuperNationals and US Rotax Grand Nationals will earn points with the following structure; 1st=20 points, 2nd=16 points, 3rd=12 points, 4th=8 points, 5th=4 points. The SKUSA Pro Tour and US Open will earn points with the following structure; 1st=10 points, 2nd=8 points, 3rd=6 points, 4th=4 points, 5th=2 points. The remaining events will continue to be awarded with the previous ranking system; with first place earning five (5) points down to fifth place earning one (1) point for each category. There is a minimum of 10 starting entries for the class points to be counted toward the season total in the EKN CC standings.

EKN Constructors Championship – as of March 24, 2017
1,1,Tony Kart,292,48,132,21,11,18,62
3,10,FA Kart,100,24,3,36,5,,32
6,8,Sodi Kart,83,,,,,13,70
8,2,Top Kart,62,55,,,7,,
13,13,DR Kart,32,,4,,,,28
15,-,Nitro Kart,27,23,2,,,,2
16,20,TB Kart,21,7,6,,,,8
17,39,Formula K,17,,17,,,,
22,-,Keener Kart,9,9,,,,,
32,-,Track Kart,2,2,,,,

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