Scott Campbell Racing Scores Two Podiums at Debut Event

Last weekend was the 3rd and 4th rounds of the Challenge of Americas in Phoenix, AZ.  Scott Campbell Racing (SCR) made the trip down with 4 drivers under the tent for the debut of the team.  Early in the week Scott and Dave Campbell set up the new tent for the first time and then slowly filled it with all the team supplies.

Once everything was set Scott went out on track and tested a couple of the Masters karts to shake them down for the two masters driver that were going to be racing the event.  He quickly pounded out some flying laps that were quicker than series leader Billy Cleavelin.  “It was good to get back into a kart to do some laps since the last time was in Italy at the 2016 Rotax Grand Finals” said Scott.

As the week went along Team SCR was slowly making ground in the 3 classes that were under the tent.  Matt Newton and Bill Kann worked with Scott trying to get down to the times that Scott had set in there karts earlier in the week.  Matt was able put all the info and help to great use and score a 3rd place on Saturday Masters final.  Bill would come in 4th behind Matt.  This would be Matt’s first podium at the COA.  It was a great start to the team.  Then on Sunday the guys were on great pace to do the same.  Matt ended up in 6thafter having a motor problem in the final or he would have again been challenging for the 2nd spot on the podium. Bill did a great job all week and ended it with a 5th spot on Sunday after struggling with top speed in the motor.

“SCR provided me the platform to be successful at a national level.  The data analysis on the big monitor was a huge advantage being able to see where improvements could be made on the track and with the motor.  SCR had all the parts I needed.  I know that the communication lines were wide open between us the entire weekend.  I was in great hands.  I became a better driver as the race week progressed.  It was a huge team effort.  The results show it.  Thanks for all your help” said Matt Newton

The second podium of the weekend was given by Oliver Wilson-O’Reilly in the Briggs Jr class.  This is the start of the second year of karting for Oliver.  In Saskatoon he showed a lot of promise at the end of the 2016 racing season.  Oliver and his father Declan made the decision to try and get more experience on a new track.  Oliver made huge leaps and bounds during the week learning the track and driving lines. Over the week he improved his lap times by 5 seconds a lap.  In the final of the Briggs Jr there were some racing incidents and Oliver was able to avoid everything and reach the 3rd spot on the podium at his first race away from home.

“From the first day at the track to the podium presentation on the last day of racing, the experience with Scott Campbell Racing (SCR) was incredible. The support, direction, and instruction we received from team owner Scott was incredible.  From the first lap on the track on Thursday to the last time Oliver crossed the finish line on Sunday evening, Scott spent time with Oliver sharing his knowledge, providing coaching, assisting with kart set up, and providing detailed analysis on Oliver’s performance. As a result, Oliver’s lap times got progressively faster and more consistent. In fact, over four days Oliver’s lap times improved by over five seconds a lap, ultimately resulted in Oliver taking third place in the final.  Scott Campbell Racing is professional, knowledgeable, organized, and very well equipped to help any and all kart racers get better (faster).  Watching team owner Scott Campbell work with all the drivers you can tell he is very knowledgeable and extremely patient. Scott has an obvious desire to help all his drivers become more consistently successful and better (faster) kart drivers. I cannot affirm strongly enough that being part of the Scott Campbell team was a brilliant experience. “said Declan O’Reilly.

The last member of SCR at the event was Marco Kacic. Marco and his father Danny worked very hard all week trying to find the pace to run near the front of the ultra-competitive Rotax Jr class.  In the end Marco ended up with a 13th on Saturday and a 10th on Sunday after showing some great work at the beginning of the Final.  He was showing many of the skill that Scott and Marco had been working on all week until a small mistake cost him track position trying to pass for 6th.

“I have worked with many talented drivers and driver coaches over the years and I can honestly say that Scott Campbell is truly one of the best! His teaching style and insight is second to none. Scott Campbell’s success as a driver came solely based on his skill and not money. For any driver that wants to learn how to be successful and win races on a modest budget I highly recommend Scott Campbell Racing.” said Danny Kacic

“I really liked working with Scott Campbell. He coaches in a way that makes sense to me. When I worked with Scott he told me what I really needed to hear and I felt that he honestly cared about me, my performance and my growth as a driver. I feel that Scott Campbell has already made me a better driver in the few days that we were together. I really look forward to working with him much more in the future.” said Marco Kacic

Now the team looks forward to the next event and the 2017 racing season. Contact Scott at if you would like to come under the new SCR tent and get some help from a World Champion!!! You could be the next one!!

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