Deals and Discounts for F-Series Gearup Challenge Racers

Heading into the first few rounds we would like to make everyone aware of the deals, discounts and group rates that can make the F-Series the most affordable program in karting! Working extremely hard to keep the prices low while making the necessary improvements needed is a challenge but we have done it for 2017 and the prices will remain the same as 2016. Our season pass pricing is hands down the best deal in the industry and will be on sale until the start of the season. The one issue seen in previous seasons is that drivers, teams and tuners are missing the Hotel group rates. With cutoffs that are out of our control please stay vigilant on the hotel dates and the next race on the schedule. In most cases the hotel for the following race needs to be booked prior to the next event or the discount will be missed. Make sure to check the site for all the details.Our first order of LeCont tires have just been received and ready to be delivered. Get them on the site for that early test or to be extra ready for the big show! Please see all the links we have attached to find all the details and schedules to make your time at the F-series more enjoyable

Hotel Group Rate for GoPro

Expires 2/25/2017

Hotel Group Rate for NJMP

Expires 3/21/2017

GoPro Event Schedule

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