2017 Sanzaru Games Karting Championships Kid Karts

This class is to introduce young drivers to karting and to driving at speed safely with others drivers. The same rules to driver conduct as outlined in Section 12 of these Supplement Rules will apply, but the Race Director may use his/her discretion for this class when learning is more important than penalty. Continued poor driver conduct will most likely result in a position penalty. This class is to also introduce parents and crew as to their responsibilities at a race event as described in Section 13 of these Supplemental Rules.

  1. Ages 5 minimum to 7. A copy of the driver’s birth certificate must be presented to the Race Director prior to the second time a driver runs the class in the Series. These birth certificates will be kept on file by the Series. A driver who is 7 in his/her first race of the season can finish the year in Kid Kart even if they turn 8 during the season. If a driver is 8 at their first race of the season, they cannot run in Kid Kart.
  2. There are two Kid Kart divisions:
    a. Kid Kart 2: this is a championship level class for drivers who have shown that they can drive a kart at a competitive speed and have a track awareness that prevents them from being a danger to him/her or the other drivers.
    b. Kid Kart 1: a participation only class where newer drivers drive in practice like sessions for the purpose of learning to drive and to allow a driver to get up to competitive speed and learn to be track aware of other drivers that they are driving with. Once a driver demonstrates both driving at a competitive speed and with good track awareness of other drivers, the Race Director will allow the driver to move into the Kid Kart 2 division.
  3. Engine: Honda GXH50 4 cycle engine as per IKF rules for the Honda engine. Gear 15/89
  4. Chassis: as per IKF rules. Minimum weight 150 pounds (proposed but may be adjusted)
  5. Tires: 4.5 x 5.0 on all four wheels. Hoosier R60B (dry) or Mojo W2 (rain). Only one set of dry or wet tires can be run from Qualify on. Removing of rubber build up is allowed. Propane flame heating tools to help remove the rubber build up are not allowed. Electric heated rubber removal tools are allowed to be used. It is important that all rubber removal be done over a ground covered area and all removed rubber be collected by the crew and disposed of in a garage can.
  6. Gas: spec gas will be provided at each event. Karts to be presented at the first practice session of the morning with an empty gas tank. Gas to be tested after Qualify, PreMain and Main.
  7. Crank Case Oil: all Kid Karts to run Red Line race 10-30 in the crank case. This oil will be tested.
  8. Transponder: AMB Transponders will be provided as part of the race entry if a competitor does not have their own. The transponder to be mounted on the back of the seat. A new style transponder holder is required and can be bought at Registration for $10.
  9. Race Day Format: For Kid Kart 2, the usual race day will have 3 practice sessions, one Qualify session, one PreMain and One Main. The Qualify will set the starting positions for the Heat and the finish or of the PreMain will set the starting positions for the Main. For Kid Kart 1, all sessions, usually four sessions, will be run as a practice session with the last two sessions being a timed.
  10. Points for Kid Kart 2 will as per the one PreMain format as outlined in Section 20.

Honda GXH50 Rules

(All races are Saturday unless noted)

April 22
May 21 Sunday
July 15
Sept 2
Oct 8 Sunday

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