Northwest Kart Dates Created

As the 2017 season is among us, there is a brand new useful tool for the racers in the Northwest. The new useful tool is called Northwest Kart Dates.  Derek Bittle is the founder of the Northwest Kart Dates and he has stated that this new tool is to allow the local racers to come to one website or app to look at the local and regional series and clubs schedules all at once.

Derek got the idea when he had open weekends to race but the local track, Tri City Kart Club, didn’t have a race those weekend. Derek had to search other regional clubs websites to see if they have a race that weekend. Derek thought to himself and knew that there must be other racers like him going through all the clubs websites to look for a race. That’s when Derek created NorthWest Kart Dates.

Derek launched Northwest Kart Dates in October 2016 and it started off with a website and a Facebook page. Since October, Northwest Kart Dates have added not only local and regional sprint schedules but road race and Oval/Speedway races also links for regional and local club and series. It has been reported a few times on the Northwest Race Report by Terry Bridges. In December, Northwest Kart Dates launched their Android app to reach more racers, Northwest Kart Dates is hoping to have the Iphone Apple Store App available in Jan 2017. The App on Android is called “NorthWest Kart Dates”. You can also find them on Facebook at;

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