Formula 100, Formula 206 and Shifter Kart Championship Release 2017 Information

The Formula 100 Karting Series and its affiliates, Formula 206 Karting and the Shifter Kart Championship, are primed for another thrilling year of affordable and competitive racing! In preparation for the 2017 season, F100, F206 and SKC have released their 2017 class structures and rules. 

Since its inception, F100 has been dedicated to providing the highest level of competition at the most affordable price for racers of all ages, budgets and experience levels. Now entering its 6th year of competition, F100, and its affiliates F206 and SKC, stay true to their original mission in a variety of ways including by providing the lowest entry fees of any racing series in Southern California, utilizing a graduated licensing system that allows racers to compete against drivers of similar experience levels, and enforcing effective clean racing rules that allow all racers a fair chance at the top step of the podium!

Along with these policies, F100 believes that rule consistency is also a key to its affordable competition mission. With this in mind, over the years F100 has made only minor changes to its rule set and class structure, always maintaining the ideal of putting racers first. Once again in 2017, F100 has remained true to its mission and has made only minimal changes and key additions to the F100, F206 and SKC rules and class structures.

To read about the minor changes and key additions to the 2017 rules and class structures, please visit the following link:

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