2017 F-Series State Championship Released

The energy being felt for the second season of the State Championship is promising to deliver fierce competition in the coming year. With more teams and drivers joining the action in the coming season the effect that we have seen has been dramatic and we are even more confident the State program has really created a fun and positive atmosphere from novice to very experienced. Staying consistent with entry fees and our class structure we will hopefully continue to instill stability within our region and see more growth for the coming years. Creating a schedule is always challenging as we would look to avoid clashes with other programs while still retaining continuity in the events. We feel that has been achieved as we have races spaced to work with its sister program and other nice programs visiting the NJ/NY area. We hope that all kart racers new and veteran will consider enjoying the program in the coming year.

All details will be available on our site www.thestatechampionship

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