Keener Kart Fierce to Make Debut at WKA Manufacturers Cup in Daytona

Keener Kart will be making its initial debut at this year’s WKA Manufacturers Cup at Daytona International Speedway. The Keener Kart Fierce chassis will be challenging a very competitive field of Briggs LO206 racers.

DJ Keener of Montville, Ohio formed startup Keener Kart this year. The prototype Fierce chassis could be a top contender at this year’s race. Keener Kart is a new U.S.based kart manufacturer. Its founder DJ Keener will be focusing on the popular and growing Briggs LO206 class. DJ has considerable past karting experience having been around karting for over 18 years. DJ started at Thompson Kartway in Thompson Ohio, site of one of this year’s WKA Gold Cup stops. He has been both a racer in the Gold Cup series and has coached numerous karters over the years. It has always been DJ’s dream to offer his own karting line based on his experience in what makes a fast chassis.

Entering this year’s LO206 class at the Manufacturers Cup on Keener Karts will be top drivers Eric Fagan of Columbus, Ohio and DJ’s brother Dustin Demattia of Montville, Ohio. Eric and Dustin have both been very successful Gold Cup drivers and should be running up front at Daytona this year. Dustin has 15 career Gold Cup national wins. Eric has scored 10 career Gold Cup national wins. Eric was this year’s New Castle LO206 Senior champion in what is probably the largest and most competitive LO206 series in the country.

The Keener Kart team is looking forward to the upcoming 2017 season and hopes to make a big splash running both the WKA Gold Cup and Manufacturers Cup series. Jefferson, Ohio driver Dusty Larson will also be piloting a Fierce chassis in the Sportsman LO206 class in the Gold Cup.

New Keener Kart Fierce chassis will become available for purchase soon.

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