2017 F-Series Schedule and Class Structure Announced

Experiencing a big increase in participation over the past season, has raised the level of excitement and the prestige of the title fight to a whole new level. Feeling a great energy in anticipation for 2017, we are hopeful to continue this growing trend to make the series even more attractive for the future. Working with our regular calendar of seven races we are happy to announce a schedule that provides a reasonable travel program, while still creating an even more exciting series.

Kicking off the season with the very popular Go Pro Motorplex Circuit in late March should really get things moving as most drivers express a big rush taking to this track. Rolling right into round two the very exciting Tempest track at NJMP is sure not to disappoint, being one of the longest tracks on the schedule. Round three is considered home for us as much of our past has its beginning at Englishtown Raceway Park. The track has never disappointed to bring some of the best battles within the years of the championship. Round four takes us to Pitts International were the championship starts taking shape and the racing gets even more intense. Next up is Shifter country as the Boston F1 Outdoors circuit boasts over 1.3 miles of the most intense track known to exist in the US. Last but certainly not least will feature a new venue for us as New York Race Complex will open a whole new chapter of fierce racing in the series. Round six and seven will decide who stands as champion in 2017 as it all comes down to who can conquer this all new level playing field. We look forward to releasing all the details about this exciting venue shortly.

For the past seven years, we have worked aggressively on streamlining this series and making it simpler for racers to compete in large fields. No exception this time, the class structure will be reduced by one class as the F355 Leopard class will now see that engine introduced into the highly popular Formula TAG. We feel that the Leopard being a natural addition to the class will make for even more exciting competition. Formula Tag will be one of the classes to watch next year as the prestige has become very contested throughout the 2016 season. We are happy to report all shifter class rules will remain the same as the energy and participation in these classes is off the charts. Being the only program in the United States to take the Shifter KZ platform serious has led to some exciting interest from European & South American competitors and could see the class become even more fierce then before. Vortex has again promised to make the Rok shifter package even more enticing and we expect a big jump in competition. No changes to the Formula 125, being the backbone of the series will again surprise this industry in staying strong with a huge prestige for its title.

Formula Junior divisions will see what some consider a big change but with the industry evolving we feel we have researched and tested enough to create a fair and even playing field. The introduction of the X125 and X30 is the major change for 2017. We are very aware of multi engine programs and will monitor extensively to deliver a fair and even playing field. Our Mini & Micro Rok programs are staying as is and we are super excited to reveal that the amount of interest and reported engines sold to this division has surpassed any year previously! As mentioned earlier the incentives for Rok products are very impressive and will be revealed shortly.

Having recently released our schedule we are ecstatic with the interest in the series. Anticipating big competition and growing numbers of racers. Please do not hesitate to send us all needed information early to make your season easy. We urge everyone to visit the website to enhance your experience at the Gearup Challenge. www.thefseries.com

2017 Classes and Rulebook link http://www.thefseries.com/technical-.html

Race #1: March 24-25 – GoPro Motorplex – Mooresville, NC
Race #2: April 21-22 – New Jersey Motorsports Park – Millville, NJ
Race #3: May 26-27 – Old Bridge Township Raceway Park – Englishtown, NJ
Race #4: July 21-22 – Pittsburgh International Race Complex – Wampum, PA
Race #5: August 18-19 – F1 Outdoors – Bridgewater, MA
Race #6: September 29-October 1 – New York Race Complex – New York

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