Sanzaru Games Race #7 has Strong Turn Out for Labor Day Weekend

Salaverria takes the GoPro Mini Max feature

One never knows what the turn out will be on a holiday weekend, especially Labor Day, the last holiday before most kids go back to school. With large entries in most classes, the turnout was solid and the racing was very spirited. This race weekend was a first for the Reverse Pro National configuration and the feedback from most drivers was positive. The GoPro Mini Max class put on a great show at the end of the day with a five kart pack battling for the lead for the first half of the Main. Dustin Salaverria took the win, his fifth win in a row, but the race was very close early on.

GoPro Feature – Molecule Mini Max

Nine karts made up the Mini Max field with Garrette Randolph Jr taking pole, his first pole the year, ahead of Aiden O’Neill and Dustin Salaverria. In the first Pre-Main, Dustin worked his way past Garrette early on with Aiden falling back a few spots. Matteo Sandoval then got by Garrette but was not able to reel in Dustin. In the end, Dustin took the win, Matteo 2nd, Garrette 3rd and Gino Sandoval holding off Aiden to take 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Dustin again got by Garrette and went into the lead with Aiden and Matteo also getting by Garrette and then set off to track down Dustin. These top 4 drivers ran close and fast the entire race with none finding a way by. Thus all settled for a strong finish with Dustin taking the win followed by Aiden, Matteo and Garrette with less than a second separating these drivers. In the Main, it was Dustin, Aiden, Matteo, Garrette and Gino in the fast lead group for the early part of the race. Garrette then slide a little coming out of a turn with Gino too close to avoid a small amount of contact, but the contact spun Gino and caused Garrette to lose contact with the lead group. Matteo then got by Aiden but when Aiden tried to make a pass on Matteo a couple of laps later, he went off course and lost a few positions. In the end, Dustin opened up a small lead and came home the winner, Matteo 2nd, Garrette 3rd, Nolan Siegel 4th, Gino 5th and Aiden 6th. For the win, Dustin took home the GoPro Hero Camera and $75 in Sanzaru Bucks, Matteo $50 in Sanzaru Bucks and Garrette $30 in Sanzaru Bucks.

Kid Karts

Continuing to grow, seven Kid Karts took to the track, this being the largest turn out of the year. Andrew Freire (Comer) took his first pole ahead of Jack Iliffe (Comer), Oscar Iliffe (Comer) and Christian Cameron (Honda). In the Pre-Main, the three top Comer karts sprinted away from the field and ran fast and close. Andrew led the race from the drop of the green flag followed closely by Jack with Oscar some 4 seconds back. Christian came home 4th, the top Honda kart, with Sasha Ryabov (Honda) 5th less than a second behind Christian. In the Main, Andrew got away from the starting line poorly and fill back to 5th or 6th. The leader was Oscar followed by Jack with Casey Moyer (Comer) driving up the middle to get into 3rd with Sasha also getting a good start. On the second lap, Andrew tried to make it 3 wide going into the first turn and he, Casey and Sasha tangled. All three got going again, but not until the field had all gone by. Oscar continued in the lead ahead of younger brother Jack with Christian in 3rd. Andrew drove a spirited race to work his way back from a distant 7th up to 5th in the end. At the races end, Oscar finally took his first feature win after a couple disappointing mechanical DNFs in past races. Jack took 2nd, Christian 3rd overall and the Honda class win, Casey 4th, Andrew 5th, Gage Brockway (Honda) 6th and Sasha 7th.

RES EVO Electrics

In qualifying Matt Cresci took the pole ahead of Enzo Prevost and Jimmy Casey and in the first Pre-Main, the top three Qualifiers ran close until Casey had to pull off. Enzo had the early lead and was able to hold off Cresci to take the win less than a second clear of Cresci with Richard Hilleman 3rd. In the second Pre- Main, Enzo took the early lead again and pulled out to a small lead and held it to the end with Cresci 2nd and Casey 3rd. In the Main, Enzo again took the early lead with Casey and Cresci both chasing. When it was all said and done, Enzo’s smooth driving style prevailed, Casey and Cresci were just not able to mount an attack in the final laps. With the win, Enzo increased his lead in the championship and could become the 4th different EVO class champion in the last 4 years.

Molecule Junior Rotax

With Twelve drivers, Junior Rotax was the largest class of the weekend. Clayton Williams found the speed to take the pole ahead of Grant Langon and Bryson Lew. In the first Pre-Main, Williams came out of turn one first, but there was a scramble right behind as the rest of the field had troubles getting out of turn one. Langon, Mullan and Lew went backwards and Brennen Stammer and Ryan Tate went forward. In the end, Williams took the win, Stammer 2nd, Tate 3rd and Lew 4th. The second heat had a better start with Williams leading the field through turn one, Langon had problems with the outside line and fell back with Mullan and Stammer getting through turn one clean. In the end, Williams took a 2 second win, Mullan 2nd, Stammer 3rd and Lew 4th. The Main started off poorly as the field came together in the middle of turn one. Williams got through turn one OK, but Mullan was pushed over the top of Stammer and found himself on the sidelines broken, as was Dakota White who started the incident. Stammer resumed the race but with a crushed front fairing. The big winner of the turn one melee was Langon and Tate who both fell in behind Williams. Langon was able to stay close, but there was no denying Williams on this day. In the end, Williams took the win, Langon 2nd and posting the fastest race lap, Tate 3rd, Nick Persing 4th and Lew 5th. This was William’s first Junior Rotax feature win, a long time coming for this top junior level driver. Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30 were awarded to the top three drivers.

80 Masters

The 80 Masters group had a solid turnout with nine drivers entered. Allen Miller took the pole ahead of John Collins and Dave Holstein. In the first Pre-Main, Holstein took the early lead with Geoff Provo 2nd and Allen Miller having to make up positions due to a poor start. In the end, Holstein took the win, Provo 2nd, Miller recovering for 3rd and Tom Nelson 4th. In Pre-Main #2, Miller did not make the start as he was rebuilding his clutch. Provo took the early lead followed by Roger Cornwall, Nelson and Holstein. These four drivers battled and finished just 1.6 seconds apart at the end with Provo hanging on for the win, Cornwall 2nd just 2 tenths of a second behind, Nelson 3rd and Holstein 3rd.

In the Main, Jason Toft jumped in Provo’s back up kart and joined the race as the celebrity driver and starting from the back row. Provo took the early lead but had a pack of drivers right on his tail including Cornwall, Nelson and Miller who was making up positions. Toft also was carefully working his way through the field making sure he did not spoil any of the other driver’s races. First, Charles Hastings’ race ended on lap 3, Charles never having any speed on this day. Then Holstein’s race ended on lap 7. With some 3 laps to go, Toft past Provo to take the overall lead, then Cornwall got by Provo followed by Miller getting by the early race leader. In the end, Toft took the overall win, but of course Toft was moved to the last place spot since he’s not a Masters eligible driver. Roger Cornwall came home the 80 Masters winner, Miller holding onto for 2nd and posting the fastest lap of the race, Provo took 3rd in his best drive of the year, Nelson took 4th and John Collins 5th. With just 2 races to go in the Championship, Hastings holds a slim 20 point lead over Cornwall, Holstein 35 points back, Collins 45 points back and Miller 75 points back.

Honda/HPD CRF 250

Richard Stock took the pole ahead of his main rival Ori Della Penna with EVO driver Matt Cresci taking 3rd in his first 250 start. In the first Pre-Main, Stock and Della Penna duked it out for the 8 lap race with Richard not giving Ori a good look for a pass. Thus Stock took the win, Della Penna 2nd and Cresci 3rd three seconds back. In the second Pre-Main, Stock took the early lead with Della Penna spinning and resuming in 4th. In the end, Stock took the win, Cresci 2nd, Richard Hilleman 3rd. In the Main, Stock again took the early lead, but this time he pulled out to a small lead and did not give Della Penna any hope of catching up. In the end, Stock took the win and with it padded his lead in the Championship. Della Penna came home 2nd, an exhausted Cresci 3rd and Hilleman 4th. Honda Bucks of $100/$70/$40 were awarded to the top three drivers.

Molecule Rotax Masters

Nine drivers made up the field with Aaron Farris taking the pole ahead of Roman Alekseenkov and John Breidinger. In the first Pre-Main Aaron took the lead out of turn one with Roman right on his heels. Roman stayed close but was not able to see a safe way by thus Aaron took the win, Roman 2nd just 2 tenths of a second back with Kelly Heil getting by John to take 3rd. In the second Pre-Main, Roman got by Aaron on the start and was able to control the race from the front not giving Aaron any chance to make a clean pass. In the end, Roman took the win, Aaron 2nd, Kelly 3rd and David Palic 4th. In the Main, Aaron took the early lead and again Roman on his heels followed closely by Kelly and John. These four stayed close the whole way but the opportunities to make passes did not materialize thus Aaron took the win a mere 79 thousandths of a second in front of Roman, with Kelly and John less than a second back and Ron Jenkins coming home in the 5th spot. Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30 were awarded to the top 3 drivers.

Molecule Micro Max

Micro Max had nine fast racers making up the field with Sebastiaan Mulder taking the pole ahead of Christian Legaspi and Skyler Geczi. In the first Pre-Main, Sebastiaan took the early lead and held it for the entire 8 lap race to take the win, Christian 2nd, Skyler 3rd, and Adam Freire 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Christian got the lead coming out of turn one and was able to hold off the pressure from Sebastiaan to take the win, Sebastiaan 2nd, Tyson Quach working his way up to 3rd and Skyler 4th. In the Main, Sebastiaan took the early lead and was hounded for the first half of the race by Christian. On lap 9, Christian made a pass for the lead at the end of the straight away. Sebastiaan tried to hold the outside line and ended up running out of room and dropped a wheel, spun and stalled his engine. Christian now had a large lead and cruised home for the win with Skyler running alone in 2nd, Ryan Persing in 3rd after Tyson and Adam tangled and fell back, and Ayrton Tyler coming home 4th and Tyson 5th. Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30 were awarded to the top 3 drivers.

Molecule Senior Rotax

With a solid field of 10 drivers, Senior Rotax looking to be a great race. Nic LeDuc took the pole ahead of Enzo Prevost and Kyle Loh. In the first Pre-Main, LeDuc got through turn one OK, but there was some crashing right behind that took out Loh and Prevost. In all the commotion, Alejandro Marquez was able to move into the 2nd spot from his 8th place starting spot with Zach Pettinicchi and Zia Harvey right behind. By the end, LeDuc took an easy win, Marquez held on to take 2nd, Pettinicchi 3rd and Harvey 4th. In the second Pre-Main, LeDuc again took the early lead with Prevost right behind. A good three kart battle was going on for 3rd between Pettinicchi, Dominic Giansiracusa and Loh. The checkered flag saw LeDuc taking the win with Prevost 2nd followed by Pettinicchi, Giansiracusa and Loh. In the Main, LeDuc again took the early lead and was never seriously challenged. But behind the leader there was a great battle between 6 drivers. In the end, Marquez was able to work his way in 2nd, Pettinicchi 3rd, Loh 4th and Michael Avansino coming home in 5th, Harvey 6th and Prevost 7th. Coming into this race, Prevost and Pettinicchi were tied for the class championship, but coming out of Race #7, Pettinicchi come out with a 5 net point lead. This will be a close championship to watch over the last two races. Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30 were awarded to the top 3 drivers.

Honda/HPD Stock Honda Masters

Stock Honda Masters qualifying had Rene Martinelli taking the pole ahead of Patrick O’Neill and David Arnstein. In the first Pre-Main, Martinelli took the early lead at the drop of the green flag and drove on to a 2 second win. Kevin Woods worked his way from 4th to take 2nd followed by O’Neill and Arnstein. In the second Pre-Main, O’Neill had problems on the first lap and pulled off. Woods was able to work his way past Martinelli at the start and held off the pole setter to take the win, Martinelli 2nd and Arnstein 3rd. In the Main, Martinelli was able to get the lead at the start but Woods hounded the past class champ the entire way looking for a way by. But in the end, Martinelli held on to take the win, Woods 2nd, O’Neill got by Arnstein to take 3rd, Arnstein 4th and Travis Bowles 5th. Honda Bucks of $60/$40/$20 were awarded to the top 3 drivers.

The next race will be October 2 where the track configuration will be the Reverse Sprint Track and the GoPro Feature class will be Rotax Masters.

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