Top 10 for Birel ART in the CIK-FIA World Champs

In the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup at Kristianstad (Sweden) Birel ART Racing finished in the top 10 with Marijn Kremers.

Marijn Kremers: “Practice was tough and the competition was of a high standard. We set our best time in qualifying and climbed back up in the Heats. I lost several places because of a bad start in the Pre-final, but I did my utmost to get the best result possible in the Final. It’s nice to know I finally drove at my maximum. A big thank you to all the lads in the team for their hard work all season.

Martijn van Leeuwen: “I’m pleased with our speed and performance. We had some great races and I learned a lot. Unfortunately, two penalties in the Heats and the accident in the Final complicated the weekend. Thank you to Birel ART for providing the equipment and now I can’t wait to get back on track for the next race.

Abdullah Al Rawahi: “Another incredible weekend and a great experience for me. It was a bit hard at first, but I gradually improved with each session. Unfortunately, some accidents in the Heats denied me a shot at the final phases.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb 22nd in KZ World Championship: “It wasn’t the weekend we were hoping for, which was a shame as we always gave it our best shot. The World Championship is the most important event of the season and not finishing in the top ten is a horrible feeling. On the other hand, before the penalty for the spoiler, we were the best IAME powered competitor in the classification.

Rubens Barrichello got a 10 second penalty when the front spoiler came away: “We worked very hard all weekend, but we didn’t manage to find the right compromise and, in general, the team was unable to get the most out of the equipment we had. However, I am very pleased, because I managed to improve every time I went on track and I really enjoyed taking part in the World Championship.

Gianluca Beggio, Technical Director: “Less than ideal settings on the engines affected our performance in both categories. It’s a shame as in testing, especially in KZ, we were among the quickest on track. In KZ2 we were more competitive, with good results in the heats with Kremers and Van Leeuwen. The penalty for a jumped start and for the spoiler with Martijn and the fluctuating performance with Marijn then compromised our chances of starting from the front rows in the Pre-final. Unfortunately, Abdullah Al Rawahi was involved in a few accidents and was unable to qualify for the Final.

Next event: WSK Final Cup: 29 September – 2 October 2016

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