Sanzaru Games Karting Championships – Round Six Report

Toft takes GoPro Honda CRF 250 feature

The Sanzaru Games Karting Championships usually has tough tight and exciting racing, but the smokin’ racing for this race had to do with the smoky haze in the air from the Lake County fires. The tight Sprint track configuration made for some exciting racing and put a premium on quality passes, of which there were many but also brought out a few not so great pass attempts that some drivers would like to forget.

For the second race in a row, The Honda CRF 250 class had two expert shifter drivers in the field with last month’s winner, Alex Keyes, getting a challenge from Jason Toft and the battle between the two of them was worth the watch. Three classes had very tight 2 driver battles in the Main and Kid Karts not only had the largest turnout of the year, but also had their closest race of the year.

GoPro Feature – Honda CRF 250

Sanzaru-R6-Jason ToftThe day started with Jason Toft taking pole ahead of Alex Keyes and Ori Della Penna. In the first Pre-Main, Keyes got the early lead with Toft right behind. Alex did not make a mistake and Toft did not have enough extra to attempt a safe pass, thus Alex took the win, Toft 2nd with Ori 3rd. In the second Pre-Main, Toft took the lead out of turn one with Keyes falling back and Richard Stock getting by Ori on the start. In the end, Toft took the win, Keyes 2nd, Stock 3rd. In the Main, Toft took the early lead with Keyes right behind and Stock getting the best of Ori at the drop of the green flag. Keyes stayed close and kept the pressure on but in the end he was not able to mustard the extra speed to challenge for the win. Stock pulled away from Della Penna early on in the race but a broken seat strut made his lap times go up. In the end, Toft came home with the win, Keyes 2nd one second back, Stock nursed his kart home 3rd, Della Penna 4th and Richard Hilleman 5th. For the win, Toft took home the GoPro Hero camera and Stock increased his lead in the Championship over Della Penna by a few more points. Honda Bucks of $100/$70/$40 was awarded to the top three drivers.

Kid Karts

Sanzaru-R6-Jack IliffeA record 7 karts turned out, 4 Comers and 3 Hondas. In Qualifying, Jack Iliffe (Comer) took the pole ahead of older brother Oscar Iliffe (Comer), Andrew Freire (Comer) and Christian Cameron (Honda). In the Pre-Main Jack, Oscar and Andrew lead the pack out of the first turn. Oscar’s race ended early with a motor problem and newcomer Casey Moyer (Comer) took over the 3rd spot with three Honda karts right behind lead by Sasha Ryabov. In the end, Jack took the win, Andrew 2nd, Casey 3rd and Sasha 4th. In the Main, Oscar again had motor problems and had to park his kart. Andrew took the early lead with Jack close behind, Casey 3rd and Christian 4th. Jack then got by Andrew but Andrew stayed very close looking to get that extra speed he needed, or waiting for a mistake from Jack. In the end, Jack held on to take the overall win, and 1st in Comer, just 1.5 seconds in front of Andrew, the closest Kid Kart race of the year. Andrew came in 2nd, Casey 3rd, Christian 4th and the Honda class win, Sasha 5th, Gage Brockway (Honda) 6th and Oscar 7th.

Molecule Micro Max

Sanzaru-R6-Christian LegaspiThe largest Micro field ever lined up for this race and in qualifying, Sebastiaan Mulder took the pole ahead of Christian Legaspi and Ayrton Tyler. In the first Pre-Main, Sebastiaan took the early lead with Christian right on his heels with Adam Freire getting by Ayrton at the start to run in 3rd. Sebastiaan held the race lead for the entire 8 laps and took the win, Christian 2nd just over a second back, Adam 3rd and Ayrton 4th. The second Pre-Main was a near repeat of the first Pre-Main with Sebastiaan taking the early lead and driving on to a 2 second win over Christian, Adam 3rd and Ayrton 4th. In the Main, Sebastiaan took the early lead ahead of Christian, Adam with Ryan Persing getting by Ayrton to take over 4th. Late in the race, Christian made a clean pass to take his first lead of the day. He held it going into the white flag lap and was leading going into the last turn. Sebastiaan then made his move on the final 180 degree turn. But contact between the two leading karts resulted with Sebastiaan getting away from the contact first and crossing the line ahead of Christian. But the official’s penalized Sebastiaan one position for the contact and the win went to Christian, Sebastiaan 2nd, Adam coming home 3rd in his strongest race of the year, Ryan 4th and Ayrton 5th. Unfortunately, Sebastiaan’s kart did not make it through post-race tech, thus Adam was raised to 2nd, Ryan 3rd, Ayrton 4th and Wyatt Hair edging out Derek Domingos for 5th. Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30 was awarded to the top three drivers.

Stock Honda Masters

Sanzaru-R6-Eric MolinattiRace #6 saw Eric Molinatti taking the pole ahead of Kevin Woods and David Arnstein. In the first Pre-Main, Molinatti took the early lead with Woods right behind. Woods stayed close in the 8 lap race putting pressure of Molinatti, but in the end, Eric did not make any mistakes and took the win less than a half second ahead of Woods, Arnstein 3rd and Patrick O’Neill 4th. The second Pre-Main started out similar to the first race. Molinatti and Woods ran nose to tail again with Eric taking the win again less than a half second ahead of Woods, Arnstein 3rd. On lap three O’Neill ran into problems and pulled off thus allowing Justin Bennett to come home 4th. In the Main, Molinatti took the early lead and held it to the end with Woods falling back a bit to finish the 15 lap race less than 3 seconds back. O’Neill had a good start and was on the tail of Arnstein when his nose touched Arnstein’s rear tire on lap 11 and O’Neill’s nose jumped onto Arnstein’s kart. O’Neill drove off the track, stalled and he was out. Arnstein’s kart was damaged and he had to pit one lap later with Bennett moving up into 3rd. In the end, Molinatti took the win, his third win of the year, Woods 2nd in his best drive of the year, Bennett 3rd, Travis Bowles 4th and Greg Hoff 5th. Honda Bucks of $60/$40/$20 was awarded to the top three.

Molecule Rotax Masters

Sanzaru-R6-Roman AlekseenkovNine Racers took to the track with Roman Alekseenkov taking the pole ahead of Aaron Farris and Ron Jenkins. In the first Pre-Main, Roman took the early lead and was never headed. Farris stayed close in a solid 2nd, with Jenkins holding 3rd to the end, proving his best qualify of the year was not a fluke, and Kelly Heil 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Roman and Aaron again lead the field out of the first turn with John Breidinger moving into 3rd. Heil was running in 4th when Jenkins tried a pass where Heil got turned around. In the end, Roman took the win, Aaron 2nd, John 3rd, Vijay Nagarajan 4th with Heil coming in 8th and Jenkins placed behind Heil due to the contact with Heil. In the Main, Roman took the early lead again with Aaron, Heil and Breidinger right behind. Heil then spun coming out of the bottom turn and finally had to end his race on lap 13. A four kart battle for 4th place made the race very exciting. In the end, Roman took the win, his fourth win of the year. Aaron came home a strong 2nd, just one second back, Breidinger came home 3rd, Jenkins 4th and Vijay 5th. The top three were awarded $75/$50/$30 of Sanzaru Bucks.

EVO Electrics

Sanzaru-R6-Enzo PrevostA modest field of four drivers made up the class for this race. Enzo Prevost took the pole ahead of Matt Cresci and Jimmy Casey. In the first Pre-Main, Enzo took the early lead and opened up a small lead that he held throughout the 8 lap race. Cresci had kart problems and pulled off in lap 7. In the end, Enzo came home 2 seconds in front of Casey with Richard Hilleman 3rd. In the second Pre-Main, Enzo had a problem right off the starting line and pulled off on lap later. Cresci and Casey battled it out for the top spot with Cresci coming out in 1st, Casey 2nd and Hilleman 3rd. In the Main, Enzo was back and took the early lead with Cresci and Casey close behind. Like the first heat, Enzo pulled out to a small lead then held the distance steady until near the end of the 12 lap race. Casey challenged Cresci briefly in the middle of the race but decided drop back into 3rd and save his power. As the race neared its end everyone was watching to see when Cresci and Casey would made the move to track down Enzo. Well that never happened, Enzo paced the race just right and came home 2 seconds ahead of Cresci and Casey with Hilleman in 4th.

Molecule Mini Max

Sanzaru-R6-Dustin SalaverriaNine Racers made up the field with Matteo Sandoval taking the pole ahead of Dustin Salaverria and Garrette Randolph Jr. In the first Pre-Main Dustin took the lead out of turn one with Matteo right behind with Aidan O’Neill moving into 3rd. Mid-race Matteo made a move on Dustin with the pass attempt not only not working, he also left an opening for Aiden to make a pass on Matteo. On lap 6, Matteo made a pass attempt on Aiden that resulted in contact that would sideline Aiden. The contact also hurt Matteo’s kart and he also had to pit and was placed behind Aiden in the final order. Dustin went on to win the race with Garrette coming home 2nd, Gino Sandoval 3rd and Tyler Snow 4th. In the Main, Dustin took the early lead out of turn one followed by Garrette with Gino and Tyler running side by side down to turn 2. Tyler and Gino then touched and both drove off turn 2 with both rejoining the race in the last two positions. Matteo and Aiden got by Garrette and started chasing down Dustin and the three ran a close 1-2-3 for the rest of the 15 lap race. As the race came to an end, Matteo was right on the tail of Dustin going into the last few couple of corners. With 3 corners to go, Dustin got a good run out of the corner and opened up a three kart length lead and Matteo was not able close the gap in the last two corners and settled for a good finish. In the end, Dustin won, Matteo 2nd, Aiden 3rd, Garrette 4th and Gino worked his way back to 5th when William Ferguson spun out Nolan Siegal in the last turn before the checkered flag. Sanzaru Bucks were awarded to the top three drivers of $75/$50/$30.

Molecule Junior Rotax

Sanzaru-R6-Colin MullanThe Juniors took to the track with Colin Mullan taking the pole ahead of Nick Persing and Grant Langon. In the first Pre-Main, Colin took the lead out of turn one followed by Grant with Nick falling back a few spots and having to battle with Bryson Lew, Brennan Stammer and Ryan Tate. In the end, Colin took the win, Grant 2nd, Nick came back to finish 3rd with Bryson 4th. In the second heat, Colin and Grant got through turn one first, Nick lost positions when he was pushed through turn one and Ryan ending up in the 3rd spot. In the end, Colin took a close win over Grant, Ryan 3rd, Stammer 4th and Nick recovering to take 5th. In the Main, Colin took the early lead and with lots of battling for positions going on right behind. On lap 6 Grant had to pull off with a chain problem. As the race wore on, Nick, Ryan and Clayton Williams got faster while Bryson and Brennan fell back. In the end, Colin took the win, his third of the year, Nick 2nd, his best finish of the year, Ryan 3rd, Clayton 4th and Bryson 5th. The top three won the Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30.

80 Masters

Sanzaru-R6-Charles HastingsThe usual seven Masters made up the field for Race #6 with Charles Hastings taking the pole ahead of John Collins and Allen Miller. In the first Pre-Main, Charles won the drag race to turn one and continued to open up a small lead over John with Allen and Roger Cornwall battling for 3rd. In the end, Charles took the win, John 2nd, Roger got by Allen to take 3rd, Allen 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Charles again lead the field through turn one and held a small lead the entire race to take the win, John 2nd, Roger 3rd and Geoff Provo working his way into 4th. At the drop of the green flag for the Main, John won the drag race to turn one and took the early lead with Charles right behind. The two of them then pulled away from the rest of the field and had their own private battle for the top spot. Charles dogged John for the first 2/3 of the race looking for the best way to make a safe pass. The opportunity finally came when John made a small mistake and Charles was able to slip under John to get by. Charles held a small lead to the race end winning by less than a second, John 2nd, Allen coming home 3rd, Roger 5th and Geoff 5th.

Molecule Senior Rotax

Sanzaru-R6-Enzo Prevost-Rotax SeniorEleven drivers made the Senior Rotax field, the largest class of the day. In Qualifying, Nic LeDuc took the pole ahead of Zach Pettinicchi and Enzo Prevost. In the first Pre-Main, LeDuc took the early lead and never gave up the control of the race. Behind LeDuc there was a very spirited race amongst five drivers. In the end, Pettinicchi took 2nd, Tom Dyer worked his way into 3rd with Enzo Prevost 4th. In the second Pre-Main, LeDuc again took the early lead and controlled the race. Dyer worked his way into 2nd off the start and was able to stay close to LeDuc with 3 drivers battling out for 3rd. In the end, LeDuc took the win, Dyer 2nd, Dominic Giansiracusa 3rd, Prevost 4th and Pettinicchi 5th. In the Main, LeDuc for the third time took a commanding positon in front of the field. Dyer, Pettinicchi and Prevost battled out for the runner up positon with Carlos Calderon and Kyle Loh battling for 5th. In the end, LeDuc took the win with Prevost winning the battle for 2nd, Dyer 3rd and Pettinicchi 4th, Calderon 5th, Loh 6th. Unfortunately, LeDuc did not make it out of tech. Thus the final results were Enzo Prevost taking the class win, making it two class wins for the day with his EVO Electrics class win earlier in the day. Dyer moved up to 2nd, Pettinicchi 3rd, Calderon 4th and Loh 5th. Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30 was awarded to the top 3 drivers.

The next race will be September 4 where the track configuration will be the Reverse Pro National Track and the GoPro Feature class will be Mini Max.

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