Formula 100 Karting Series Adds Briggs 206

The Formula 100 Karting Series and F100 SoCal are excited to announce the addition of a new set of classes to the F100 SoCal class lineup! Dubbed the “Formula 206” classes, F100 has added an LO206 Junior and LO206 Senior class to its class structure!

The LO206 Junior class will utilize the stock black slide with a 310 lb minimum weight, while the LO206 Senior class will utilize the stock black slide with a 370 lb minimum weight. Both the Formula 206 LO206 Junior and Senior class will use the MG HZ Red as the spec tire in sizes 4.5 front and 6.0 rear. The full Briggs and Stratton LO206 ruleset, as adopted by the NKA, will be utilized for engine tech.

The addition of the Briggs and Stratton LO206 engine package in the Formula 206 classes is the perfect compliment to the 100cc classes that F100 has built its brand of competitive, inclusive, fun and affordable racing around. The Briggs LO206 engine combines low cost and ease of use with a tightly controlled set of rules to create a level playing field for all racers in order to facilitate grassroots participation in kart racing. The Formula 206 LO206 classes represent another great set of classes within F100 that are perfect for racers of all ages, budgets and experience levels to enjoy the sport of kart racing!

The next F100 SoCal event is Saturday, August 27th at Calspeed Karting Center in Fontana, California. This event will be the first points race for the Formula 206 LO206 classes.

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