CIK-FIA European Championship Finals – Birel ART

In the finals of the CIK-FIA European Championships, Birel ART Racing once again proved to be competitive, although penalties and incidents affected the final results.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb finished eighth in KZ. “I am pleased to be the highest placed IAME driver, but I’m also disappointed as we were good enough to be in the fight for the win. As usual, the team can be proud of the work they did.

Marijn Kremers qualified 26th for the KZ2 final and finished 16th, but a 10-second penalty over the front spoiler dropped him to 23rd. “In the Prefinal, unfortunately, I was caught up in a few collisions and that made life complicated. I started the final from the back and it was hard to make up places, as the top 15 had pulled out a big gap in the early stages. I had a strong race pace and managed to close up. I’m sorry for the team, as they deserved much more than this.

Abdullah Al Rawahi was having his first run with the team: “It was an incredible weekend during which I improved all the time, thanks to support from Birel ART. The Prefinal was disappointing and I failed to get into the Final because of an accident, but I’m okay and I can’t wait to be back on track for the next race.

In the OK Final, Martijn van Leeuwen started 18th and fought his way into the top 10, but dropped to 16th because of a front spoiler penalty. “We were quick all weekend, but struggled to overtake in some races before doing a good job in the final. I’m looking forward to the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup in Sweden.”

Lucas Légeret finished 18th but was excluded for not respecting track limits. “It’s a real shame I was pushed off the track at the first corner in the Final as it meant we could not show what we could do.

Following a qualifying collision Caio Collet (OKJ) had to start at the back in all the heats. “I had a good race pace and made up at least 16 places in each heat, but it was not enough to score any points.

Ulysse De Pauw retired. “I qualified well, ninth overall, but then there was an accident, a 10 second penalty for the bumper, a technical problem and I won one heat. I went from 13th to 8th in the Prefinal and had a DNF in the Final. You can work hard to gain a tenth and then it’s all for nothing with a bumper penalty.

An unlucky weekend for Michael d’Orlando. “Not what we had hoped for. There were some tough fights and a bit of bad luck didn’t allow me to qualify for the Prefinal and Final. It was very close with 70 drivers all within the same second, but I’m happy to race in such a competitive championship with the support of Birel ART.

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