F-Series Gearup Challenge Events Have Their Advantages

Having trouble racing because of the big budget needed? Consider an event at the Gearup Challenge presented by the F-Series. We are always working on an aggressive strategy to keep our entry prices substantially lower than the national average. All this while continuing to create a fantastic atmosphere that we have become known for. From day one a very popular series tradition is not charging for parking after already entering the official event. Supporting shops is very important to the us, so we leave the option up to you if and where you purchase your fuel and tires so shop around and give back to the guys that help you go fast! Looking forward to running the whole F-Series Championship in the coming year, our 2017 season pass will be a great option and create the biggest savings. Trying hard to constantly improve while offering the best possible program is our main objective. Worried about big fields and the competition no worries we have you covered just look at the current point standings they are among the best in the country!! Check out all the current championship prizes and details at www.thefseries.com

Accept the Challenge!

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