2016 IKF 2 Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals Race Report

Santa Maria Kart Association Track Roars with Close Racing

Evinco logoThe 2 Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals were held this past week with close, competitive and clean racing on July 8 & 9.  Racers from all over California and beyond made their way to the event to compete for the coveted Duffys and Screaming Eagles.  Drivers battled in a range of classes on both days from Kid Karts to Seniors.

The historic Santa Maria Kart Association track is a driver’s favorite for anyone that has been there, offering passing zones and a superb mix of speed and complexity.

Day 1

Micro Swift, plenty of close racing, many passes happened on every lap as there were battles at the front and all through the field.  As the laps wound down the leader, Cooper Hicks, was able to get a bit of lead that lasted to the end.

Mini Swift was also a great race and one of the largest classes.  Again lots of passing throughout the race and up and down the field.  It was inches for the win at the checkered flag by Dominic Gorden over Carson Morgan.

Glenn Araki with Gold Cup for Lake Speed Award

Glenn Araki with Gold Cup for Lake Speed Award

Junior 1 Comer Light – A good field of drivers with great competition.  The last lap had a couple of lead changes and came down to the wire with a close finish between Cole Cotham, and the winner Cole Morgan.

Senior KPV4 Heavy – From the start the field began to spread out and the winner, Chance Skaufel, distanced the field and went on to an easy win.

Day 2

Honda Kid Kart Heavy – On this day, even with only 2 karts, there were several lead changes between Logan Ainsworth and Logan Chambers during the main.  The finish was very close with Ainsworth edging out Chambers for the win.

Junior 1 Comer – good field of drivers and plenty of clean racing for the entire session.  As the laps ran down, the two karts driven by Carson Morgan and Cole Cotham pulled away for the lead and resulted in a close finish between the 2 karts as Morgan took the win to finally reach the top step of the podium with this race.

Micro Swift Heavy – Great racing in the opening laps and then the field spread out a bit and the leader, Jesus Vasquez Jr., was able to create a lead of over 5 seconds and roll to the win.

Doug Fleming and Silver Cup for Engine Builder

Doug Fleming and Silver Cup for Engine Builder

Mini Swift Heavy – took a couple of tries to get the race started and then off they were running.  The field developed some gaps but there was a lead group that ended with a 1st through 3rd crossing the finish in a close line of karts.  Carson Morgan netted his 2nd win of the day, followed by Dominic Gorden and Cole Morgan.

Super Sportsman Heavy – this was the last race of the event and was a fast group really burning up the track.  The first two drivers started pulling away from the start with the Screaming Eagle driver, Nick LeDuc leading over yesterday’s winner Chance Skaufel.  Then Skaufel moved into the lead and this lasted until about halfway, then LeDuc took the lead and was able to slowly walk away for the win.

Preceding the trophy presentations on Day 2 of the event, two other prestigious Awards were presented.  Engine Builder Award for the best placement of engines over the event, and the Lake Speed Award given for Achievements in the sport of Karting.

Engine Builder Award:  Doug Fleming

Lake Speed Award:  Glenn Araki

The decision to award this to Glenn was unanimous and well received by all at the event.

Full results are posted on MyLaps.com:   http://www.mylaps.com/en/events/1294633

The IKF has been a governing body for the sport of karting since 1957. Headquartered in Ontario, California, IKF currently publishes rules for speedway, sprint, and road racing kart platforms. There are 13 IKF regions that span across the United States and Canada.  For more information about the International Kart Federation, please visit www.ikfkarting.com.


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