Calgary Kart Racing Club: Round Five Recap

Several factors affected the entry count with June being a busy kart racing month in the Alberta Region as well as it being Father’s Day and a sketchy weather forecast for much of the week.  The 43 entries were treated to near perfect weather and lots of close racing in many classes.

Junior 1 Briggs (9 competitors)

  1. Kiefer Peet
    2. Enzo Sartor
    3. Aiden Carruthers

Senior Briggs LIght and Masters (6 competitors)

  1. John Kwong
    2. Alan Haggerty
    3. Dave Cameron


  1. Phil Haggerty

Junior Rotax  and MiniMax (6 competitors)

  1. Levi Schmidtke
    2. Connor Peet


  1. James Altamirano
    2. Kiefer Peet
    3. Spencer Perrealt

Senior Rotax (6 competitors)

  1. Evan White
    2. Mark Newson
    3. Jake Thompson

Junior 2 Briggs (6 competitors)

  1. James Altamirano
    2. Jill Altamirano
    3. Levi Schmidtke

Rotax Masters (7 competitors)

  1. Josh Carter
    2. Brendon Sanguinetti
    3. Lonnie Ganz

Shifter (3 competitors)

  1. Alan Haggerty
    2. Brennan Peters
    3. Scott Meyer

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