EKN TV: Mike Giessen – Twin ICA-Engine Kart

Racers always have the quest for speed. Whether it’s just to feel the wind whistling by at 70-80mph at a sprint track, or drafting at 150mph on the road racing courses – karts are bad ass fast. Mike Giessen is a veteran racer, former national champion and now dabbling into the vintage stuff. Intercontinental A engines are vintage by kids viewpoint, well over 10 years old and no longer manufactured by the engine factories. These direct drive powerplants are the motive of the OK engines now established for CIK competition. Their predecessor was known for speed and rpms, as Giessen’s video shows strapping on two IAME 100cc ICA engines, screaming at nearly 19,000 rpm aboard a CRG Blackstar modified by BRC Engineering.


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