Superkarts! USA Statement: Stock Moto Engine Impound Report

Non-compliant components identified, additional technical inspection procedures added

As one of the core components of our class structure, the purity of the Stock Honda program has always remained a priority for Superkarts! USA. We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the formula against the continuous competitive push for engine development within our technical rule set. Our entire technical staff have heard the rampant speculation regarding Nikasil coated cylinders and hidden port work. Maintaining the purity of the Stock Honda program is our mandate, as we know that this will provide stability to the investments being made by our racers in their personal engine programs. We take this matter extremely seriously.

As such, SKUSA’s technical team elected to address the speculation, and to provide our competitors confirmation of an even playing field. To achieve this, SKUSA elected to impound four engines at the completion of the second round of the California ProKart Challenge. Prior to the event, SKUSA selected the S1 and S4 classes for further inspection.  In the end, we impounded four engines, prepared by two different engine builders. All four engines were then brought to the Honda Performance Development (HPD) facility and closely inspected by the SKUSA technical staff together with HPD. The engines were disassembled and underwent a complete visual inspection. Eventually, two engines were flagged for requiring closer examination.  It was determined that a destructive test was the only option to comprehensively inspect for irregularities, and both cylinders were bisected to provide the opportunity for much closer scrutiny. SKUSA and HPD continued their diligent inspection, along with the council of independent experts (non-karting) and a selected group of technical peers from within the karting community.

At the conclusion of the test, one engine was determined beyond a doubt to be non-compliant. SKUSA cannot ascertain the origination of the modifications, or formally declare intent to “cheat.” However, per the spirit of the SKUSA rulebook, any driver in possession of the illegal parts must bear the responsibility of the equipment they submit to competition.  In consequence, the driver in possession of the illegal engine has been stripped of the championship points received from the event in question. The competitor will also be placed on a one-year technical probation.

Moving forward, armed with the knowledge of the infractions that were discovered, Superkarts! USA will use the findings from this inspection process for increased trackside inspection and to further evolve the procedures used to confirm the stock nature of the cylinders. Additional port height measurement steps will also be put into place to look for similar modifications on all Stock Honda engines.

SKUSA has always focused on providing a platform for equalizing competition.  We will continue our aggressive policing efforts and technical inspection to maintain the purity of the SKUSA Stock Honda program. SKUSA reserves the right for additional impounding and/or thorough dissection with our series partners Honda Performance Development (HPD).
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  1. I commend SKUSA for these efforts. As a Rotax owner, I would love to see similar efforts on their part. Not holding my breath though.

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