Saturday Heat Racing Wraps Up at Sofina Foods US Open Presented by Fikse Wheels

Saturday at the first round of the Sofina Foods US Open presented by Fikse Wheels proved to be a challenging day for drivers as a new schedule format was introduced. Removing the prefinal and replacing it with an additional heat, drivers had to consistently avoid contact while simultaneously defending against hard charging racers coming through the field. Nevertheless, Sunday’s grids are set as the event speeds towards its exciting conclusion at NOLA Motorsports Park.

Rolison Performance Group Rotax Senior MAX – The Rotax Senior heats started the day and Oliver Askew was immediately the main driver in control. Winning three out of the four heats, Askew dominated most of the day, finishing in second position behind teammate Gianfranco Mazzaferro. Askew heads into the final with the first place starting position, and will surely be looking to carry his speed to the podium.

Sunday Starting Order – Top-5

  1. Oliver Askew
  2. Gianfranco Mazzaferro
  3. Trenton Estep
  4. Rinus Van Kalmthout
  5. Kellen Ritter

AM Engines Rotax Micro MAX – The always competitive Micro MAX category shook things up during the heats as drivers searched for any room to overtake. James Egozi consistently finished the highest out of the top drivers, winning two out of the four heats and placing second in the final heat. With photo finishes and last lap battles describing the Micro MAX category, the final on Sunday is promising to be an exciting event.

Sunday Starting Order – Top-5

1. James Egozi
2. Carson Morgan
3. Austin Torgerson
4. Branyon Tiner
5. Diego LaRoque

Koene USA Rotax Junior MAX – Nick Brueckner was the highest placing driver throughout the heats, winning half of the Saturday heats and placing fourth in heat four. Dylan Tavella had a tremendous heat four, starting in eighth position. Tavella quickly began overtaking and moving through the field, passing Aidan Keel on the last lap to move him into first place and fourth overall for the heat points.

Sunday Starting Order – Top-5

  1. Nick Brueckner
  2. Aidan Keel
  3. Reece Cohen
  4. Dylan Tavella
  5. Mathew Latifi

Dallas Karting Complex Rotax DD2 MAX – Jeff Kingsley, winning all four heats comfortably and earning himself pole position for the final, dominated the DD2 class. Kingsley felt the pressure from Dev Gore during heat three however, putting pressure on his PSL teammate. Gore and Kingsley were very comparable in speed but the laps ran out before Gore could make a move.

Sunday Starting Order – Top-5 (Combined DD2/DD2 Masters)

  1. Jeff Kingsley
  2. Dev Gore
  3. Nathan Mauel (Masters)
  4. Michael McCarthy
  5. Rhett Thomas

Dallas Karting Complex Rotax DD2 MAX Masters – Nathan Mauel has performed brilliantly all day long in the combined DD2/DD2 Masters class. Mauel has won every heat for DD2 Masters and placed very highly in the class, finishing as high as third in heat two. Mauel starts the final in an impressive third position.

PSL Karting Rotax Mini MAX – Tyler Gonzalez, winning two heats, was the highest placing Mini MAX driver in the heats. Battling Jak Crawford and Arias Deukmedjian throughout the racing, Gonzalez held his own against the two talented racers and will start the final in pole position.

Sunday Starting Order – Top-5

  1. Tyler Gonzalez
  2. Jak Crawford
  3. Austin Torgerson
  4. Jeremy Fairbairn
  5. Arias Deukmedjian

Falcone GP Rotax MAX Masters – The MAX Masters heats were a battle between Mike Rolison, Derek Wang and Scott Roberts. Rolison opened up the action with a strong win in heat one but would prove to be his only as Derek Wang swept the following second and third heat. Heat four looked to be another Derek Wang victory but contact between Wang and Rolison on the final lap sent Roberts into the lead to win the last heat of the day.

Sunday Starting Order – Top-5

  1. Scott Roberts
  2. Derek Wang
  3. William Cleavelin
  4. Zach Rouse
  5. Mike Rolison

Energy Kart USA Shifter Senior – Sabre Cook and Nick Neri created an exciting race for the crowd during heat one, opening up a gap from the field and swapping positions throughout the race. Cook scored the heat one victory but dropped off considerable in speed for the rest of the day, giving Neri the opportunity to flawlessly win the rest of the heats.

Sunday Starting Order – Top-5 (Shifter/Shifter Masters Combined)

  1. Nick Neri
  2. Austin Wilkins
  3. Sabre Cook
  4. Sky Finley
  5. Ryan Kinnear

MG Tires Shifter Masters – Combining both Shifter Senior and Masters, Ryan Kinnear finished the highest throughout the heats, with Chris Jennings placing first in heat one and second to Kinnear for the following heat races.

Sunday will see the conclusion of the first round at NOLA Motorsports Park with drivers scoring the first batch of championship points for the series.

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