Attention College Students – Wanna Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Evolving Purdue’s Indy Opportunity

Although it’s been able to grow outside the radar scope of the competitive karting community, the all-electric International Collegiate evGrandPrix is held annually on the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  That said, the event is on the verge of adding a component that will have it become a very unique part of the US competitive karting scene.  As detailed on EKN over the past few months, the promoters of the event have worked several angles to develop and launch a new gas-powered World Student Karting Gas GT component to the collegiate and high school electric-power program, and they have landed on an approach that will open the door wide by providing an opportunity for any current college student to compete using a WKA-legal Briggs & Stratton 206 four-cycle race package.  The race will take place on Tuesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 18, just days after the Grand Prix of Indianapolis and during practice for the Indianapolis 500.  A unique communications challenge is part of the World Student Karting Gas GT program, and each driver will be required to meet certain social media requirements to first gain entry into the event, then to earn qualifying laps and, finally, to become eligible for the overall win.

The Student Karting World Finals will take place May 17-18 inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Photo:

The Student Karting World Finals will take place May 17-18 inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Photo:

The race itself will include practice, qualifying, heat races and a main event, run on a temporary circuit laid out in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway infield paddock.  This is an incredibly unique opportunity to race on the grounds of the most historic venue in North America.

As with any program supported and fueled directly by Purdue University, the evGrandPrix program is centered on education, and particularly the STEM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering and math).  The World Student Karting Gas GT event will include a unique angle to the educational component.  In keeping with the educational effort, the college students entered in this inaugural event will be faced with unique requirements for competition.  Three levels of social media activation requirements will face the competitors, who will need to accomplish certain pre-set Facebook, Twitter and Instagram challenges to 1) enter the event, 2) earn qualifying laps and then, ultimately, 3) be pre-qualified to be awarded the overall winner’s trophy.  This will be an event unique to the sport and will no doubt gain significant exposure and publicity, partly thanks to the social media activation that will be fueled by the racers themselves.

evGrandPrix-2015As of now, the race itself will include practice and qualifying on Tuesday, May 17, which will lead into heat races and the main event on Wednesday, May 18.  The entry fee is set at $500 and includes a set of Hoosier tires for the event.  USAC Racing has lined up two arrive-and-drive program providers for collegiate races who wish to simply rent their karts for the event.  Margay Racing can provide Ignite K3 packages for the race, and Adrenline Fix Karting is also on-board with their fleet of arrive-and-drive LO206 four-cycle machines.

Interested drivers should contact Mike Burrell at USAC Racing immediately to obtain the necessary information (

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