Tri-C Karters Brings 6-Hour Endurance Event Back to SoCal

On Saturday, March 19th, 29 drivers making up 8 teams came together to see who could outwit, outlast, and out play at the 2016 Tri-C Karters 6-Hour Endurance event.

An event once organized by the late Richard Hearn, the karting endurance event is one that requires strategy, perseverance and maybe just a little bit of luck.  Bringing it back to karters in the Southern California region, Tri-C Karters looked forward to hosting an event that would bring camaraderie and an exciting day of competition to the track at Adams Motorsports Park.

The morning started with a 1-hour practice; eight teams made up of 5 World Formula and 3 LO206 engines took to the track to shake down their karts, finding their fast line and getting used to the reduced speeds in the “hot pit lane”.

At 11:15am the green flag fell for all 8 teams, unfortunately for the World Formula Veritrue Racing kart and the LO206 Pacific Rides kart had troubles at the start.  Both drivers were able to get underway and join the racing field.

Strategy would be key; every pit stop required a driver change.  Teams ran an approximately one gallon fuel tank; the smaller fuel tank meant a driver could be out on track for about 15-20 minutes before having to come in for more fuel.  Drivers pitted under the watchful eye of Tech Director Mike Graves; one drop of fluids during a pit stop resulted in a 45 second penalty, speeding in pit lane also resulted in a time penalty which would be served at the end of the pit lane in the “penalty box” before proceeding back on track.

An hour into the event and on their 40th lap, Pacific Rides in the LO206 #8 kart entered the pits in what looked to be the end of their racing day; plagued by problems, brake failure ended their chances of taking home 1st place.  While some might think slow and steady wins the race in an endurance event, this wasn’t the case; drivers battled for position on track.  On lap 70 the World Formula S-Squared kart was leading the pack heading into Little Monza and spun losing precious track position and time.

As the afternoon progressed you could sense the teams had found their rhythm; and the minutes and laps continued to tick by.  With about an hour and a half remaining in the event; the S-Squared kart came into the pits.  After re-fueling and a driver change the team headed towards pit exit when the engine let out a loud “pop”  signaling the end of S-Squared’s podium chase.

As fatigue set in for some drivers, the World Formula Gauchos kart suddenly went down a driver.  Tension and strategy peaked in the last 30 minutes of the event.  Which driver do you put in for the last stint?  Are your fuel calculations correct, and will you make it to the finish?  With 15 minutes left on the clock, the #6 kart of 53 Shades of Grey and the current overall leader came into the pits for what would be their final pit-stop.  As their kart exited the pits it was realized by officials (and other teams) that the driver forgot his gloves and was black flagged, requiring the driver to continue the lap, re-enter the pits resulting in a driver change and loss of the overall lead.

At the end of the 6-hours it was the LO206 kart Dream Team (Peter Abba, Matt Ostiguy, Airel Jimenez and David Marquardt) in 1st place. 2nd place in the LO206 category was Team Senior Moments  (David Carlisle, Steve Nakajima, Gerry Florez,  David Leflang) and 3rd  in LO206 was Team Pacific Rides (Justice Calabro, Ulysses Washington III, Justin Schuoler).

Taking 1st place in World Formula was Team 53 Shades of Grey (Paul Russell, Robert Miller, William Ball). In 2nd place was Team T (Terry Nash, Steve Donald, John Lonero, Larry Harden) and on the final step of the podium Team Veritrue Racing (Logan Calvin, Miles Calvin, Eric Nelson).  Coming back next year to compete for a podium spot was the 4th  place World Formula Team of Team Gauchos (George Magnani, Gabe Droetti, Marcelo Doffo, Ed) and the 5th  place Team S-Squared Racing (Steve Jasinski, Jason Collins, Drew Zeller, Dan Cyr).

Tri-C Karters would like to thank everyone who participated in the day’s event along with the all-important corner workers, medical staff and Adams Motorsports Park personnel who helped made this event possible.  Tri-C Karters looks forward to seeing racers at Cal-Speed in Fontana, CA on Saturday, April 16 for the official start of their 2016 racing season.

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