Strategy Pays Off in Prefinals During Round #3 of the Sofina Foods Florida Winter Tour Presented By Fikse Wheels

With the conclusion of the heats, and the exciting prefinals wrapping up Saturday’s event, the stage has been set for an unforgettable conclusion during the final ROK Cup USA weekend of the Florida Winter Tour. The 12-turn Palm Beach Karting circuit showcased strategic and smart racing as drivers had to work together through drafting to break away from the pack. Sunday promises to deliver another fantastic day of action to close out the 2016 edition of the Florida Winter Tour.

Piquet Sports Senior ROK

The Senior ROK prefinal started with chaotic opening laps as Ryan Norberg attempted to take the lead on the fifth lap, bunching the top-five and letting Alain Sisdelli overtake Kyle Kirkwood for the lead. As the race progressed, the top-three of Sisdelli, Kirkwood and Norberg were able to break away from the pack, with Kirkwood retaking the lead on the final lap and winning the prefinal.


  1. Kyle Kirkwood
  2. Alain Sisdelli (+.215)
  3. Ryan Norberg (+1.330)
  4. Roman De Angelis (+3.140)
  5. Stirling Fairman (+6.936)

Bordogna Racing Engines Masters ROK

Anthony Honeywell dominated the Masters ROK prefinal, making no mistakes as he turned laps well over two tenths faster than the field. The battle for second heated up with Daniel Rieger and Adam Pettit swapping positions with eight laps to go. Adam Pettit eventually completed the pass on Rieger to take second position.


  1. Anthony Honeywell
  2. Adam Pettit (+7.023)
  3. Daniel Rieger (+7.338)
  4. Bruno Fusaro (+8.436)
  5. Janos Eiler (+16.254)

Ocala Gran Prix Mini ROK

The Mini ROK prefinal opened to major contact between the top-ten drivers, knocking frontrunners James Egozi and Derek Caramante out of contention early in the race. With a stellar performance from Luca Mars, Mars started the prefinal in 13th position but quickly took advantage of the mayhem on lap one to jump to fifth position. Mars drove his way into the lead, passing Jak Crawford and taking home the prefinal win.


  1. Luca Mars
  2. Jak Crawford (+.253)
  3. Matheus Morgatto (+.257)
  4. Reece Gold (+.345)
  5. Sebastian Montoya (+.421)

Deuk Spine Institue ROK Shifter

Danny Formal took an early lead on the green flag with Austin Garrison and Oliver Askew in the top-three. Garrison moved into the lead on the fifth lap, with Askew passing Formal for second on lap 12. With two laps to go, Askew and Formal battle for second position with Garrison sitting comfortably in first. Askew held off formal to cross the line in second position, with Garrison winning the prefinal.


  1. Austin Garrison
  2. Oliver Askew (2.470)
  3. Danny Formal (2.574)
  4. AJ Meyers (5.426)
  5. Don Whittington (10.026)

Deuk Spine Institue ROK Shifter Masters

Victor Jimenez was the big winner of the Shifter Masters category. Placing a solid 14th position overall, Jimenez comfortably lead the Masters class over Carlos Fonseca and Farshad Bagheri, who finished in third position.


  1. Victor Jimenez
  2. Carlos Fonseca (+1.486)
  3. Farshad Bagheri (+8.206)
  4. Ariel Castro (+10.967)
  5. Scott Davidson (+11.876)

AM Engines Micro ROK

An unpredictable prefinal for the Micro ROK class provided a massively exciting race as the top-four drivers swapped positions. Oliver Denny broke out into an early lead over Jeremy Fletcher and Freddie Slater, but Connor Zilich made his presence known and went from fourth position to first with an impressive move. Freddie Slater would later respond and take the lead with two to go, crossing the line in first position to start the final on pole.


  1. Freddie Slater
  2. Jeremy Fletcher (+.234)
  3. Connor Zilisch (+.318)
  4. Oliver Denny (+.932)
  5. Anderson Leonard (+1.485)

Orsolon Racing Junior ROK

The Junior ROK prefinal started with an exciting battle for the lead between the top-five, but Matthew Latifi would eventually take the lead from Michael d’Orlando on the fifth lap. From that point on, Latifi dominated the prefinal, lapping consistently two tenths faster than d’Orlando in second and Gabriel Patrule in third. Latifi would take the prefinal as he looks for his first Junior ROK feature win on Sunday.


  1. Matthew Latifi
  2. Michael d’Orlando (+1.171)
  3. Gabriel Patrule(+2.581)
  4. Jett Noland (+3.847)
  5. Mathias Ramirez (+5.501)

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