2016 Sofina Foods Florida Winter Tour Presented by Fikse Wheels Completes Action Packed Saturday Heat Racing

The second round of the Sofina Foods Florida Winter Tour presented by Fikse Wheels continued today at Ocala Gran Prix for the ROK Cup USA championship with the remaining two heat races and a last chance qualifier for the Mini ROK division. Grids are now set for tomorrow morning’s prefinals, with finals to follow in the afternoon.

Bordogna Racing Engines Masters ROK

ROK Masters started off the heat racing for the day with a confident victory from Praga driver Anthony Honeywell after a heat 1 incident. Adam Petit and Daniel Rieger would complete the top-three.

Heat 3 for the ROK Masters class saw the same dominance from Honeywell as he drove to another stellar victory, earning him the victory in two heats and a starting position of third for the prefinal.

Prefinal Starting Positions (Top-5)

  1. Adam Pettit
  2. Daniel Rieger
  3. Anthony Honeywell
  4. Andre Duek
  5. Evandro Di Mateo

Piquet Sports Senior ROK

Ocala Gran Prix driver Kyle Kirkwood settled into cruise control as he opened up a full second lead over Ryan Norberg and Victor Frazoni to take the heat 2 win.

Heat 3 was the same display of confidence from Kirkwood as he once again took off to win the race. Following behind him, Victor Frazoni would fall from second to fourth in the opening laps of the race, placing just behind Ryan Norberg in the second position with Luis Jose Forteza rounding out the top-three.

Prefinal Starting Positions (Top-5)

  1. Kyle Kirkwood
  2. Ryan Norberg
  3. Victor Frazoni
  4. Luis Forteza
  5. Dominic Tesoro

Ocala Gran Prix Mini ROK

Heat 2 for the split Mini ROK class saw drivers battling the top positions to avoid the Last Chance Qualifier. Matheus Morgatto won heat 3 after overtaking Tyler Maxson on the fifth lap of the A vs C heat 2. The following B vs D race was a battle between Reece Gold and Rafael Camara, with Gold taking the race win as Camara played it safe and crossed the line in the second position.

The Mini ROK heat 3 started out with the A vs D groups battling in a fierce race for the win. Tyler Maxson would make the pass for second place with only two laps to go and would set his eyes on the leader, Derek Carmenate. Maxson would charge towards Carmenate and execute a skillful pass on the final turn of the heat but only to wind up with a photo finish. Carmenate won the race over Maxson by just a margin of .072.

For the B vs C heat 3, Matheus Morgatto remained calm and confident as Reece Gold tried to find an opening to take the lead. The top four drivers pulled away from the rest of the field to engage in a very hectic final lap. Reece Gold took home the heat 3 win with a brilliant last lap pass.

Prefinal Starting Positions (Top-5)

  1. Tyler Maxson
  2. Reece Gold
  3. Matheus Morgatto
  4. Rafael Camara
  5. Derek Carmenate

Deuk Spine Institute ROK Shifter

ROK Shifter was a showcase battle between three very skilled drivers as they broke away from pack. Oliver Askew led Austin Garrison as the two drivers pulled away from Danny Formal early on in heat 2, but a small mistake from Garrison allowed Formal to make up some ground on the Ocala Gran Prix driver. Askew won the second heat, posting the fastest lap of the race, followed by Garrison in second and Danny Formal in the third position.

In heat 3, Formal moved into attack mode early on into the race, overtaking Askew after the green flag and chasing down Garrison. Garrison and Formal pulled away from Askew as the two drivers ran down the laps. Formal was trying everything to find an advantage to take the lead, but Garrison held off the Costa Rican driver and crossed the finish line to win heat 3.

Prefinal Starting Positions (Top-5)

  1. Oliver Askew
  2. Austin Garrison
  3. Collin Daley
  4. AJ Meyers
  5. Mayo Livingston

Deuk Spine Institute ROK Shifter Masters

Scott Davidson was the big winner of heat 2 over Christian Bartz and Michel LeGrand. Davidson would place 16th overall in the joint Shifter class.

For heat 3, Michel LeGrand was the winner of the Masters category, followed closely behind by Victor Jimenez and Christian Bartz. LeGrand placed 17th overall in the class, completing the heat races for the Shifter class.

Prefinal Starting Positions (Top-5)

  1. Victor Jiminez
  2. Scott Davidson
  3. Michel LeGrand
  4. Christian Bartz
  5. Farshad Bagheri

AM Engines Micro ROK

BENIK driver Oliver Denny broke out into an early lead in heat 2 with Connor Zilisch and Nicholas Terlecki battling fiercely for the second position in the early laps of the heat. Terlecki eventually made his way passed Zilisch and began to break away from the pack. Oliver Denny scored the heat 2 win with Terlecki and Zilisch completing the top-three.

For heat 3, Oliver Denny opened up a sizable lead over Jeremy Fletcher and Nicholas Terlecki. Denny cruised to a comfortable victory over Terlecki and Fletcher as the pack fought for positions.

Prefinal Starting Positions (Top-5)

  1. Oliver Denny
  2. Nicholas Terlecki
  3. Brent Crews
  4. Connor Zilisch
  5. Nikita Johnson

Orsolon Racing Junior ROK

Michael d’Orlando opened heat 2 with taking the lead from Mathias Ramirez on the first lap of the race. Ramirez would eventually regain the lead with a pass on d’Orlando during the eighth lap. d’Orlando attempted to make a last lap pass for the lead but Ramirez skillfully held off the Koene USA driver for the remainder of the heat.

Heat 3 was full of action as no drivers broke away during the 12-lap race.  Mathias Ramirez and Michael d’Orlando once again engaged in a battle for the lead, with d’Orlando leading for most of the race. The battle came down to the final lap as Ramirez made an ambitious last lap pass on d’Orlando to win his sweep of the heat races for the weekend.

Prefinal Starting Positions (Top-5) 

  1. Mathias Ramirez
  2. Michael d’Orlando
  3. Nicholas d’Orlando
  4. Matthew Latifi
  5. Tyler Gonzalez

Full results can be found at MAXSpeedEntertainment.com. Catch all the action live at http://bit.ly/1mDVTsQ and at Motorsport.com.

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