David Sera Offering Online Coaching

David Sera celebrating his record breaking win
(Pic: Coopers Photography)

Seventeen time Australian Champion & multi time SuperNats podium getter David Sera is now offering an online coaching service to drivers in the USA as well as other countries.

“With not all drivers being able to get one-on-one coaching due to costs, demographic or time, I can now offer online coaching through cameras fitted to karts” said Sera.

Having competed in the USA with the Kartsport North America team since 2009 in different competitions, Sera has accumulated results against the best in the World at the Rotax Grand Finals, Las Vegas SuperNats & Florida Winter Tour. Now he has turned his focus into helping the next generation of karting stars.

“Most drivers now have some sort of camera fitted to the front or side of their kart which allows me to identify race lines, steering techniques and analysing races you may have wondered what went wrong!”

With over twenty years of experience in the karting industry & racing with the DPE Kart Technology team, Sera has the right characteristics to be able to help any driver in any class.

“Footage has been an integral part of learning for a number of drivers I’ve helped in the past year to good affect, and now you can also reap the benefits.”

If you wish to know how to make this happen, send an email to davidsera@live.com.au or check out his Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Dave-Sera-129446297099360/?ref=bookmarks

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