280 Drivers Set for 21st Winter Cup

The 21st Winter Cup to take place next 19-21 February in Lonato set a new record regarding the drivers entered in the four categories KZ2, OK, OK Junior and Mini Rok. A total of 36 Countries to be represented. Excellent numbers in Mini Rok that counts 107 drivers coming from 17 countries. Prefinals and Finals on Live Streaming on Sunday 21 February. The entry list of the 21st edition of the Winter Cup, race scheduled for next 19-21 February at the South Garda Karting of Lonato, is virtually complete and includes a lot of big names of international karting and about 280 drivers coming from four Continents.

A total of 36 Countries will be represented in this event. From Europe, alongside Italy, France, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Russia, Montecarlo, Holland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Greece will be represented on the grid as New Zealand, Macao, Australia, United States, China, Oman, India, Mexico, Malaysia. In other words, the whole world of karting will be represented.

The most performing category, KZ2, will have 68 drivers on track from 15 different countries in what is going to be a really top class international entry list. The two new international categories of 2016 also registered good numbers, as “OK” will have 33 drivers on track, while “OK Junior” 68. The smallest of the categories, Mini Rok, is also full, with 107 drivers that following the recent “opening of the borders” counts 17 represented countries: Italy, Sweden, France, Ireland, Russia, China, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Malaysia, Slovenia, Germany, Romania, Austria, Lithuania, Greece and Czech Republic.

The programme:

Wednesday 17 February:
Free practice
from local 8.30.

Thursday 18 February:
Free practice
from 8.30.
Sporting scrutineering from 8.30 to 15.00;
Technical scrutineering from 15.30 (OK), from 16.00 (KZ2), from 17.15 (OK Junior);
Briefing from 16.30 (OK), from 17.20 (Mini Rok), from 18,00 (KZ2), from 18,30 (OK Junior).

Friday 19 February:
Technical scrutineering
Mini Rok from n. 401 to n. 454 from 8.00 to 8.30, Mini Rok from n. 455 to n. 509 from 8.45 to 9.30.
Warm-up from 8.30.
Qualifying from 10.30
Qualifying heats from 13.30.

Saturday 20 February:
from 8.30.
Qualifying heats
from 10.30.

Sunday 21 February:
from 8.30.
from 10.25 (OK), 10.50 (OK Junior Prefinal “A”), 11.15 (OK Junior Prefinal “B”), 11.50 (Mini Rok Prefinal “A”), 12.05 (Mini Rok Prefinal “B”), 12.20 (KZ2 Prefinal “A”), 12.45 (KZ2 Prefinal “B”).
Finals at 13.30 (Mini Rok Final “B”), 14.00 (OK), 14.40 (OK Junior), 15,20 (Mini Rok Final “A”), 15.55 (KZ2).

Live Streaming Sunday 21 February from 10.25.

Live Timing from Thursday 18 February.

All results from Thursday 18 February.

Available at www.southgardakarting.it

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