F100 Announces Maxxis SLR as New Spec Tire for 2016

The Formula 100 Karting Series and F100 SoCal are excited to announce the Maxxis SLR tire as the new spec tire for F100 Level 1 classes in 2016! Tires represent a major expense for racers and for many years F100 has been searching for a spec tire that can provide the performance that racers desire but at a lower price. F100 is thrilled to announce that we have finally found such a tire, the Maxxis SLR!

For 2016 F100 SoCal racers will be able to take advantage of the high quality, high performance and low cost Maxxis SLR tire compound in the FC1, FJ1, FK1, FK1 Masters, FJ125, FK125 and FK125 Masters classes!

With a cost of only around $170, the Maxxis SLR tire is the perfect fit for F100 as it provides top-notch performance on par with the previous spec tire, as well as long life! Racers will not only save money on each set of new tires they purchase, the long life of the Maxxis SLR will ensure that racers are able to get many great days of karting out of each set they purchase! The Maxxis SLR has shown to provide its fastest laps after almost 100 laps of use and they continue to turn fast times after nearly 250 laps!

Maxxis SLR tires will be available from Goldspeed (see link below), F100 supporting shops as well as through F100 directly (see link below). F100 will offer a special entry fee and tire package deal available only to pre-registered racers at all F100 SoCal events in 2016. F100 SoCal racers are encouraged to purchase a set of Maxxis SLR tires to use for testing in the offseason. Please see the following link to order a set of Maxxis SLR tires from Goldspeed directly. When ordering from Goldspeed shipping charges and additional fees may apply:



For F100 NorCal, both the Maxxis SLR tire and the MG Red tire will be legal for use in the F100 classes. Along with these tires, racers will be able to race with certain other used tires as well. Please see the F100 NorCal 2016 Rule Supplement and Class Structure for more detailed information.

For more information on The Formula 100 Karting Series and its regional affiliates F100 SoCal and F100 NorCal, please visit F100karters.com.

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