Ricciardo Kart at the WSK Champions Cup at Adria

Ricciardo Kart Racing’s 2016 season gets underway this weekend, from 4 to 7 February, at Italy’s Adria International Raceway. Flying the flag for the factory team will be Rick Dreezen in KZ2, with Rasmus Lindh and Kiern Jewiss in OKJ.

Rickard Kaell, Sporting Director: “Our testing went very well, despite the fact that rain on Saturday and fog on the final day affected the smooth running of our programme. Rick Dreezen in KZ2 was always very competitive, while in OKJ, Rasmus Lindh and Kiern Jewiss were both very quick.”

Rick Dreezen, #3: “After all our hard work over the winter, I am confident we have solved the majority of the problems that affected our performance last year. However, it’s hard to say what we can expect this weekend, as it’s the first race of the season, as well as the first event since the new engines were homologated. As usual, our aim will be to fight for a podium finish.”

Rasmus Lindh, #332: “The test days provided a good opportunity to rack up plenty of kilometres and gain experience with the new OKJ engines. Now I’m really looking forward to getting back on track for the race weekend.”

Kiern Jewiss, #333: “I can’t wait to make my debut in OKJ. The team and I have been working well and will continue to do so to try and get the best possible results. The package is competitive, but there’s always room for improvement in all areas. We will keep working hard all through the weekend.”

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