NHKA Adds Briggs 206 Senior and Masters Categories

Can you hear the rumble? It’s coming from short tracks all over Canada. It’s lighting fires across the Great Plains. It’s sparking ferocious battles on the streets of Rock Island. It’s Briggs 206 karting, and in 2016 it’s coming to the NHKA Racing Series and Interstate Kart Series.

Why are Huge 206 Grids Popping Up Everywhere? It’s “Simple”

It’s never been easier or more affordable to scratch your racing itch. A brand-new race-ready 206 kart is about $4k, or bolt a new 206 engine onto a used chassis for half that. They couldn’t be easier to own. Pretty much squirt some lube on the chain and go, then clean things up at the end of the day. With basic maintenance, your Briggs 206 engine can deliver two seasons of competitive racing without a rebuild, making it the perfect fit for racers with busy lives.

Compete Wheel-to-Wheel, not Wallet-to-Wallet

Have you ever wondered what kind of racer you or your kid could be? Let’s find out! Briggs 206 is pure spec racing. Everyone has the same tires, fuel and engine. Each 206 is hand built in the USA by Briggs & Stratton to incredibly tight tolerances then sealed to keep out the cheaters. You’re free to tune your chassis, but mostly you get to focus on being the best racer.

Briggs 206 is Racing Your Way

What could be simpler than one engine for any racer? A seven year-old can start off in Kid Karts, then race the same engine in Cadets and Juniors, then move up to Seniors and Masters adult classes – all just by changing a $12 part. With the 206 you can stick to NHKA races at Canaan Motor Club and NHMS. Or you can venture a bit further afield with our Interstate Kart Series. Or you can race prestigious national events like the Rock Island Grand Prix, Florida Winter Tour and the 206 Cup Series. It’s the same rules coast to coast. How far you take it is up to you.

Whether you’re new to high-performance karting or a veteran racer, talk to your favorite shop now. The Briggs 206 is racing your way!

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