Travis ‘Hot Rocks’ Irving Making his Return to Karting

We have seen more and more drivers of karting past make a return to their first passion.  We can now add another to that list.  2005 TAG Masters Supernats champ, 2000 Skusa S2 World Final, National and West Coast Champion Travis “Hot Rocks” Irving.

But this isn’t your normal return to the drivers’ seat.  Baldozier Racing has signed him to a one year sponsorship program to compete in the Tag Masters Class for LAKC, Prokart, ProTour, and Supernationals for the 2016 season.

“Frank Baldozier has been a good friend for some time now and this came out of the blue.  It still has my heart racing, “stated Travis Irving when asked about his reaction when he received a call early one morning.  “I have been at the track every weekend since the Supernationals, lap after lap trying to get my groove back.  I see Frank out there with the team ( MRC ) quite often and we have always hung out and shot the breeze.  I am just blown away, it shows what hard work can get you.  I look forward to showing what Baldozier Racing can do this year as well as what I can do.”

“He is a big guy, but he has lost a lot of weight and is continuing to get himself in better and better shape.  He has the drive and that killer instinct that you need to dominate in TAG Masters.  It is going to be an interesting year I am sure, but I wouldn’t have brought him in if I didn’t think he could get the job done.”   Frank Baldozier stated about his new driver.  “Expectations are high.  I expect perfection on and off the track.  Travis conducts himself well and I see only great things coming our way this year.”

Baldozier Racing would like to thank its supporters: MRC, Praga North America, Iame USA West, Evinco, and VP Fuel.

We are couple weeks away from the first Prokart race and already it is building up to be one to watch.  You call Follow Travis Irving on Instagram: @hotrocks85 or Facebook.

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