OTK Kart Group and OMP Form Partnership

2016 karting season starts with an important partnership between two of the most prestigious brands in the motorsport world: OTK Kart Group and OMP Racing. The deal states that, for the upcoming seasons, OMP Racing will be the sole supplier of racewear for all OTK brands and racing teams.

Tony Kart, Kosmic Kart, FA Kart, Exprit Kart and Redspeed Kart are the brands falling under OTK Group. The partnership deal states that the drivers from OTK racing teams will wear high-end products by OMP, with a unique graphic design for each team. OMP will supply racewear from the brand new KS1-R line: shoes, gloves and above all the particularly innovative suit. The underwear will be from OMP KS line.

The KS-1 R suit is an amazing fusion of comfort, lightness and breathability, through the use of hypertechnologrical fabrics developed by OMP. Among the many features of the model that will be used by OTK, there’s the total freedom of graphic customization, due to the fact that the suit is 100 per cent printed.

The gear supplied by OMP to OTK is, and so it will be in the future, the result of a close collaboration including a productive exchange of informations between OMP research and development team and OTK drivers who will wear this gear: among them, the multiple world champion Marco Ardigò and the defending KF champion Karol Basz.

Paolo Delprato, OMP vice president and CEO: “Two years ago, we decided to invest strongly in the world of karting, in order to reach a world leadership position in this field too. The signing of this deal between two worldwide excellences such as OMP and OTK proofs the effectiveness of our hard work. OMP and OTK established an active partnership that goes beyond a simple collaboration, and aspires to increase the technical level in the world of karting. OTK’s winning philosophy, aiming to more and more ambitious goals, perfectly matches OMP’s incessant work towards research, development, innovation. I’m sure we’ll be able, together, to achieve excellent results”.

Roberto Robazzi, OTK president: “I’m very glad to announce this partnership between OTK Kart Group and OMP. Both our companies’ philosophies are a perfect match: both of us aim to absolute quality through obsessive attention to detail, and constantly carry out research and development work. OMP immediately gave evidence of being an active company, whose products are characterized by unique design and innovative technology. I’m sure our drivers will enjoy this comfortable, light and absolutely safe racewear. Both OMP and OTK Kart Group will take advantage from this already established, and bound to grow, synergy”.

OMP, Tony Kart & Kosmic Kart: Champions’ chaseTaking it to the limit #together Tony Kart Kosmic Kart with the same #RacingSpirit!

Posted by OMP Racing on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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