Formula 100 Karting Series Releases 2016 Season Schedule for F100 SoCal and F100 NorCal

Entering its 5th season of competition, The Formula 100 Karting Series and its local affiliates F100 SoCal and F100 NorCal are primed for another thrilling year of affordable and competitive racing! F100 has put together an exciting 2016 schedule for competitors all over California and the southwestern United States to take part in.

In 2016 F100 SoCal will return to a multi-round travel series, visiting some of the best tracks that Southern California has to offer. 2015 was a very successful year for F100, but racer feedback made it clear that racers wanted to travel to more tracks and F100 has obliged for the 2016 season.

F100 SoCal 2016 Season Schedule

Round # – Date – Track

#1 – March 20th – Grange Motor Circuit

#2 – April 23rd – Adams Motorsports Park

#3 – May 14th – Adams Motorsports Park

#4 – June 11th – Grange Motor Circuit

#5 – July 2nd – Calspeed

#6 – August 21st – Calspeed

#7 – October 8th – Willow Springs Raceway kart track

#8 – November 27th – Grange Motor Circuit

Along with F100 SoCal, The Formula 100 Karting Series will offer races with its Northern California affiliate, F100 NorCal. F100 NorCal will continue working with the Blue Max Kart Club in Davis, CA. After a strong first season working with BMKC, F100 NorCal expects another great year filled with growth and exciting racing!

F100 NorCal 2016 Season Schedule

Round # – Date – Track

#1 – March 20th – Blue Max Kart Track

#2 – April 24th – Blue Max Kart Track

#3 – May 22nd – Blue Max Kart Track

#4 – June 19th – Blue Max Kart Track

#5 – July 17th – Blue Max Kart Track

#6 – August 21st – Blue Max Kart Track

#7 – October 2nd – Blue Max Kart Track

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