F-Series Grows Stronger With Continued Support from WR Motorsport/MG Tires

Going into the upcoming F-Series season we are very happy to announce an even stronger partnership with our long standing supporter and tire supplier WR Motorsports/MG Tires. Working together for many years, six of them at an intense level of the Gearup Challenge we can truly say it would never have been possible without such support. In constant contact with Wagner Rossi and Luis Ruibal and the whole team of WR Motorsports it has become our combined mission to not just improve the series but the sport as a whole! We are proud to say these improvements and refinements continue to bring our racers what has become the best and most durable product on the market. The focus does not stop them from MG and WR Motorsports as the main objective is always to bring karting to the next level. Together we are currently working on a program that will set our series and our relationship into overdrive. This concept will give a great opportunity not just to the winners and champions but the whole field of competitors competing at the Gearup Challenge.

“Working with Marco and the Gearup Challenge from day one for so many years has been fantastic to watch such a great series growing this fast in the U.S. with the focus on mind of giving the best to the teams and drivers,” – Wagner Rossi

As a testament to the quality of the MG product the past five season of the Gearup Challenge our team has made no changes to the tire delegation within any part of our class structure. With a long term partnership from both sides of this relationship it gives us great pleasure to ensure our competitors and teams stable rules that will require very little modification for many years to come. With all the positive reinforcement that WR Motorsport provides for us we are confident of a very bright future for not just the F-Series but for the sport as a whole. Stay tuned for some awesome opportunities coming your way from our WR Motorsport/MG Tires/F-series Team. Check for the latest at www.thefseries.com

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