K&K Kart – Righetti-Ridolfi Partner for Worldwide Distribution of the “Briggs LO206 Specific” Cobra OTB Chassis

The phenomenal 2015 results achieved by K&K Cobra OTB and the domination of ALL the Briggs LO206 classes, at the Canadian Regional and National level have not gone unnoticed…”World Wide”

The K&K Cobra OTB chassis has been developed and tested specifically for “Briggs LO206” racing for the past 5 years.  The kart has been perfected with the right components to be “Out of the Box Fast” at either the 50″ or 55″ rear width offering…..while maintaining the integrity of a 100% Italian chassis and delivering one of, if not the best price on the market.

The K&K Cobra has been developed on “straight bar” technology with soft axle /short hubs/soft seat etc., to make it the most free wheeling chassis on the market ..from Briggs LO206 Junior to Masters…on Vega, MG and Bridgestone tires.

K&K Kart has won countless Club, Regional and National titles over the last 5 years on it’s way to becoming the most dominant 4 cycle chassis in Canada. The 2015 “Dream Season” culminated in K&K not only almost sweeping “ALL 3 Briggs LO206 classes” at 3 Regional Series….but at the ASN Canadian Nationals as well. The results below and the fact that K&K almost swept “ALL 3” Briggs National classes speaks volumes, to the shear success of K&K.

Jonathon Treadwell…Briggs LO206 Senior Class…2013/2014 ECKC Briggs Sr. Champion
2015 Results – ASN Canadian National Briggs Sr. Champion – CRFKC Briggs Sr. Champion – 4th ECKC Briggs Sr.

Braxton Terry… Briggs LO206 Junior Class
2015 Results – ECKC Briggs Jr. Champion.

Zach Latimer…Briggs LO206 Junior Class
2015 Results CKC Briggs Jr. Champion – CRFKC Briggs Jr. Vice Champion – ASN Canadian National Briggs Jr. Vice Champion.

Mike Rogers…Briggs LO206 Masters Class
2015 Results – CRFKC Briggs Masters Champion – ECKC Briggs Masters Champion – ASN Canadian National Vice Champion.

After several months of discussion about the success of the K&K Cobra chassis and the current worldwide demand, a marketing partnership was entered into with K&K Kart North America & Righetti Ridolfi.

K&K Kart currently has a number of dealers in Canada in VRS(Treadwell) DMR (Michaud) & RK Kartsport (Kozakowski). K&K karts have recently shipped to Florida, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Indiana and Louisiana. A K&K dealer is currently being set up in Aruba and discussions have been opened in Panama.

The partnership with Righetti-Ridolfi brings quality, in house components, solidarity and diversity to the already great K&K offering.

It has been a long, hard road developing the “K&K Brand” and achieving the results required to move forward…especially in the face of big business, skeptics, and competition. However, K&K KART is formally happy to announce “THAT THEY HAVE ARRIVED”.  It is called love of the sport & passion, that sees us here.

Contact: barrickkevin@yahoo.ca


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