Helpful Hints For WKA Daytona KartWeek

As competitors begin to make plans to converge on Daytona International Speedway for the latest edition of Daytona KartWeek December 27-30, here are some customer friendly tips that may be of help to everyone spending the holiday week at the World Center of Racing.

For those arriving prior to the Christmas Holiday, the speedway provides a section of the West Lot for trailer drop-off early, given the fact that many hotels may not have large enough parking to accommodate trailers. The West Lot is located at Gate 40, which is the main gate competitors will be entering Dec 28-30, the day after Parking Day. Gate 40 is located off of Williamson Blvd. As a note of interest, the West Lot will not be open Christmas Day. Anyone that needs additional help once they are down there may call (386) 405-1500.

As an added note to the backside of the event, if competitors are staying in Daytona on the final evening of racing on December 30, they will be allowed to again use the West Lot to drop their trailers off, provided they pick them up before noon on December 31.

If competitors are arriving on the 27th, they will again turn onto Williamson Blvd, and follow the Directional Signs down to the first stop light, which is Midway Drive. Turn left at Midway Drive, which is parallel to the Daytona International Airport, and follow the Directional Signs to Gate 70. You will turn left into Gate 70 then be staged, then proceed to get your pit passes, as well as tow vehicle and rv passes, if you reserved a spot for the West Lot on the Dirt, or Lake Lloyd if you are competing with the Road Race or Mfg Cup Series. Customers who have reserved an RV spot need to let the officials at the window know of their reservation, and you will be issued your pass.

For sponsors, there will be a designated window for Comp Passes/Sponsors. Be sure and go to this window to get your pit passes. Competitors will the be staged, with sponsor parking starting at 8am, competitor parking to follow at 9am.

For those who need to ship items to the speedway, there is a link to this pit board, denoting the directions to the Shipping and Receiving Office, as well as a phone number and designated times in which the office is open.

We hope your time spent in Daytona is an enjoyable one, and hope this helpful hints will make your experience at Daytona KartWeek go a little smoother.

On behalf of the World Karting Association, we wish you the very best of the holiday season, and will see you in Daytona!!!!!

Road Race Sponsors Returning for 2016

As Daytona KartWeek, as well the 2016 season approaches, sponsors are lining up for the New Year. Returning for yet another year are KALL Racing, sponsor of the Formula 100 class on Day 1, while Millers Dyno Time Racing will return for the Day 2 Formula 100 class sponsorship.

Matthai Material Handling returns for 2016, sponsoring the 100cc Piston Port Final 1 and 2 this year, with CKI returning for yet another season as sponsor of the Yamaha Sportsman Medium classes on both race days. Also returning this year is The Agile Group, sponsor of the Unlimited class, Final 1 and 2, as well as Hoosier Racing with the Animal Lite classes both days.

Also on board this year, WKA welcomes Foster 4J Ranch, sponsor of the Yamaha Medium class this season. Also joining for 2016 are Kion/Linde Forklifts, sponsoring the Yamaha Heavy class. West Texas Outlaws is also on board for a full season, sponsoring the TaG Heavy Final 1 and 2 races this season, while WT Racing will be in charge of the Leopard Sprint Final 1 and 2 for the 2016 season.

Joining as Daytona specific sponsors are Tru Stripe, sponsoring the B Stock class, Rev Clean, sponsor of the Formula 125 class, and Bruce Peck, sponsoring the Animal Heavy Final 1 class at the World Center of Racing.

World Karting is very proud to have these sponsors on board, and would like to thank everyone for their support for the 2016 national racing season.

Familiar Face Returns as National Road Race Sponsor

With at least a decade of title sponsorship dating back to the turn of the century, a familiar face again returns to the forefront of the WKA National Scene, as the National Road Race Series will be labeled the Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting.

While making the headlines as a title sponsor for the series for several years in the past, Jim Russell of Russell Karting Specialities has been in the spotlight the last two WKA National events, taking 5 wins as a competitor at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky back in October in the WKA/KART sanctioned Fall Brawl.

Now Russell is the headline attraction again for this years latest event of Daytona KartWeek, not only providing the title sponsorship of the Road Race Series, but also participating in the Margay Sprint Championships at the Sprint Track at Daytona for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series.

The 2 year title sponsorship encompasses 3 company names; Dunlop, a well known tire in the world, as well as Xeramic, one of the most popular spec oils that are being used on the Road Race Program, and of course Russells business, Russell Karting Specialties.

The Dunlop/Xeramic title sponsorship, presented by Russell Karting Specialties, completes the trifecta of title sponsors for Daytona with Bridgestone again sponsoring the Manufacturers Cup Series this season, and Unilli Tires again the title sponsor for the Dirt World Championship.

On behalf of WKA, our sincerest thanks, and welcome back to Jim Russell.

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