Cash Earns the Cash

Super Heavy #19-Nicholas Brobst #25-Jason Hastings (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Jonathan Cash, of Oxford, N.C., is a national karting legend. During his carrier, spanning from the 1990’s to the present, he has won all of dirt karting’s major competitions at least once, most more than once.  He’s a particularly talented long distance money racer.  This year he’s won over $1000,000.00, which includes his winning of the $50,000.00 Insane One purse July 16th in Sikeston, MO.

This season Cash made two profitable trips to US-13 Kartway in Delmar, DE.   During his second visit to Delaware, last Saturday (Oct. 31st), he added $5,000 to his pot. This season at US-13 Kartway Cash won the two largest purse offerings; Clone Warm Up with a guaranteed $1,000.00 purse and the prestigious 8th Annual Diamond State 50 Pro Clone $4,000.00 purse.

Animal Heavy-#40-Jonathon Cash, #10-Brandon Beale (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Animal Heavy-#40-Jonathon Cash, #10-Brandon Beale (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Cash’s P&P Speed Shop teammate Brady Penny produced the Diamond State 50’s pole time with a track blistering 10.583 seconds lap on the 3/16-mile clay oval.  Richie Hornsby spun a 10.839 seconds lap for the outside pole.  A who’s who of southeast east karting talent trailed them.  Makayla Johnson and Brandon Morris shared row two.  Behind them Pikesville, N.C. competitor Ty Bass and local Lewes, DE driver Alex White started in row three followed by J.P. Gates and Shane Forrest in row four. Cash struggled in qualifying turning a 10.576 seconds run for the 13th place starting position.

The initial green flag flew, but before Penny could lead the field back to the start/finish line caution waved. Once the field was returned to the original lineup the green flag flew again, this time for 17 laps.  Once racing resumed they continued to mid-race when, as part of the Diamond State 50’s procedure, the caution flag showed. Cash had reached the lead passing Penny just before mid race. After a dead stop, the field rested, then resumed green flag racing. Hornsby started the second half from third, Austin Banker battled from a 16th place start to fourth by mid race.

Mid pack racers tangled up exiting turn four on lap 26. Caution waved again on lap 27 with another pileup in turn’s 3 and 4.  Once they got going again Cash pulled away from Penny and the rest of the field battling for positions behind him.  Just when it seemed like another runaway win for Cash caution waved on lap 29 setting up a six-lap shootout between he and Penny.

Cash and Penny brought the field back to the green flag for the final restart.  Penny stayed glued to Cash’s tailpipe for three laps.  Then Cash broke away building 1.434 seconds cushion over his teammate at the stripe.  Seconds later Hornsby, Banker and Johnson crossed third fourth and fifth. Bass finished sixth, Nick Helgason crossed seventh, Joseph Pacovich and Evan Dennis eighth followed White for the top 10.

Flathead 23-Taylor Pleasanton, #00-Ty Bass (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Flathead 23-Taylor Pleasanton, #00-Ty Bass (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

“I knew Brady (Penny) was really good right there. He was a lot better than me on the short run,” Cash said.  “I felt like as long as I could run five or six laps I could get away.  He’s coming along and hopefully he’ll fill the shoes of the #40 one day and I can sit back on the fence.  The Millenium kart was pretty good. It was definitely good, I think, early on in the race, we ran as fast as we did all day so it’s been really awesome.  We picked the right set of tires at the right time.”

Earlier that evening Cash won Clone Warm Up, a preview of what was to come. This time Cash turned a better qualifying lap with a 10.524 seconds run for the outside pole.  Penny produced the first of his two poles this time with a 10.607 seconds lap.

Lap times of 10.687 and 10.704 earned Hornsby and Pacovich the row two starting positions.  Behind them in row three were Helgason and Nicholas Brobst.

Just as they would do in the Diamond State 50, mid packers tangled up in turn three on the first lap.  One lap later they would be restarting for a second time.  Two laps later mid field racers slammed into each other battling for positions exiting turn four.

Veteran kart racer Mike Stratton took the worst of it as the red flag flew halting the field.  After a few minutes Stratton, who suffered three broken ribs, got out of his kart with the help of his crew then walked off the track on his own as his fellow karters and spectators clapped.

Before getting back into his machine Cash admitted he preferred lengthy green flag runs to caution filled competition.  “My stuff’s better on long runs,” he said.  But champion that he is Cash played the hand he was dealt.

Junior 1 #27-Colin James (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Junior 1 #27-Colin James (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

When racing resumed Pacovich, Hornsby and Johnson bunched together in a battle for second.  Before they worked it out caution waved for a slider in turn two.  Cash led the restart and took it from there building a comfortable two-second cushion over Pacovich before the mid race signal was shown. Cash finished the job with a 2.119 seconds advantage over Pacovich at the stripe for the $1,000.00 purse.  Hornsby took third behind Pacovich, Johnson followed in fourth and Helgason rounded out the top five.

Tod Miller Racing Engines powered Charger kart pilot Ty Bass swept the Flathead offerings. Kyle Ayers claimed the poles with times of 11.592 and 11.122 seconds. Bass struggled in Flathead qualifying and was forced to start near the field’s rear.  Once he battled his way to the front he left the field in the dust taking the win after lapping the field.

“ I had little bit of motor problems.  I put too much fuel in it, but it got pretty good there at the end when I stopped having motor problems. We drove away pretty good after that,” Bass described.  “I’ve got to thank Shane, Squeaky, everybody at Charger Racing Chassis, Tod Miller (Tod Miller Racing Engines) and everybody back in t he pit who helped.”

Hartley, DE driver Taylor Pleasanton was third across the stripe followed by John Davis and Ayers.

Joe Haughey earned Pro Flathead’s outside pole with an 11.341 seconds passing.  Bass started fifth and had to work his way to the lead from there, which he did before mid race.  When the checkered flag flew he was 4.145 seconds ahead of Ayers.  Pleasanton was third again this time followed in the top five by Shane Forest and Haughey

Junior 3 #85-Hunter Heck, #28 Max Robischaud, #00-Cole Neibert (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Junior 3 #85-Hunter Heck, #28 Max Robischaud, #00-Cole Neibert (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Twenty classes competed in two segments separated by an intermission where costumed kids paraded around the track and then the pits where they got candy and other treats from racers, sponsors and venders.

The first Segments’ second race started with Midlothian, VA racer Jason ‘Higgy’ Higginbotham and Matthew Ellingsworth leading Clone Heavy racers to the green flag.  Deep in the talented field Cash started ninth, Penny 16th.  Higgy dove low speeding into turn one with Ellingsworth glued to his tailpipe. As Cash picked off competitors, Penny worked his way closer to the front.  Before the mid race signal was shown Penny was behind Cash who owned a comfortable cushion when the crossed flags were displayed.  Penny stayed petal to the metal closing the gap with every lap.  In the final laps Penny closed the gap, but couldn’t work by Cash.  A mire 0.456 seconds separated them.  Several seconds later Pacovich, Hornsby and Helgason passed the stripe for the top five.

Super Heavy racers were first on the track with Milford, DE driver Mike Stratton leading the way. When the green flag waved outside pole winner Jason Hasting shot by Stratton for the lead bringing Bridgeville, DE based Nicholas Brobst with him.  Brobst worked by Hasting before mid race and opened the lead f rom there.  As the stripe Brobst was 1.220 seconds ahead of Hasting.  Stratton was third across the line followed by Stephanie Lamber for the top four.

“The Phantom Seraph chassis was working pretty good for this race, it was a little slow coming off, but we made some adjustments for the race, ” Brobst said.  “I’d like to thank my brother Rob for working on the kart, my dad for doing the tires and Dave Rollin for the great horsepower from PEC Racing Engines.”

Jayden Johnson narrowly captured Junior 1’s checkered flag.  Collin James was just 0.292 seconds behind him.  Following in the top five were Gage Pritchett, Major Pride and Ian Lloyd.

Animal Heavy-#07-Austin Banker (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Animal Heavy-#07-Austin Banker (Photo: Bruce C. Walls/Action Sports Photos)

Garrett Himmigoeff, of Ridgely, MD, led Junior 3 racers wire-to-wire with Denton, MD racer Trent Reed crossing 1.497 seconds behind him. “It was a little nerve wracking because I had to beat somebody else in the field and we were hoping they wouldn’t beat me so we ended up holding them off pretty well and led the whole thing, ‘ Himmigoeff described.  “The kart was good. It wasn’t too tight or too loose.”

Hunter Heck, Max Robischaud and Jake Tucker rounded out the top five.

Clayton Peters claimed Junior 1 Rookie with Logan Shockley trailing 0.979 seconds later.  In another young gun class Braydon Taylor topped Junior Stars.  Ivan Godwin followed in second 0.931 seconds later.  Racyn Hayes rounded out the top three.

After two early cautions Animal Heavy pole winner Joseph (JJ) Pacovich, of Windgap, PA, Austin Banker and Cash broke away from the field for their own battle.  When the checker flag waved Banker was 0.168 seconds behind Pacovich’s HP Speed Shop powered Phantom kart, Cash crossed 0.403 seconds later followed in the top five by Helgason and White.

“The cautions didn’t bother me.  I felt we were pretty good on the restarts.  I was more worried at the end. We’ve got to hit the tires a little better for the next race.  The kart was pretty good, I feel like we can make it better,” Pacovich described. “We got a couple of bugs to work out now that the race track is good we’ll see how it goes in the next one.  We had great power from the HP Speed Shop motor, probably the best I’ve ever had so I’m real happy with that.”

With Bass and Cash nose-to-tail behind him by 0.495 and 0.963 seconds Banker led PRO Animal racers wire-to-wire.  Further back Cash; Michael Allaband and Mike Stratton completed the top five.

Harrington, DE hot shoe Max Robischaud made a swift late race dive for Junior 2’s led with three laps left. Zach Fields led the field for 17-laps before surrendering it to Robischaud.   Fields, of Wyoming, DE, finished 0.319 seconds late.  Following in the top five were Jacob King, Liam Garrison and Brock Vincent.

“It was pretty fun,” Robischaud said of beating Fields. “It was a pretty good race thanks to everybody back at the shop. Hermie, Primer Racing Chassis, Marty for the engines and Bubba Banker for the tires.”

Before it was over Fields, piloting a Hustler Racing Engines powered Primer chassis, avenged himself with a win in PRO Junior 2.  Fields earned the pole and was seriously challenged by Robischaud for 20-laps.  Robischaud was only 0.348 second behind Fields at the finish line.  Garrison, Ricky Johnson and Spencer Warren were third, fourth and fifth.

“I wasn’t worried about the restarts,” Fields explained, “I always had that big push.  The restarts are crucial here. The Primer chassis was the best it’s been all day. I can’t thank my dad, my brother enough, and all the guys at the shop, Austin Banker, Danny and I want to thank that guy over there (Max Robischaud) for a fun clean race.”

In another late race move 14-year-old Trent Reed topped PRO Junior 3 with a 0.274 seconds advantage over Hunter Heck. Reed grabbed the lead from Heck with the white flag flying and held on for the final two laps. Himmighoeff finished a close third 0.564 seconds later.  Jacob Maske and Jim Tyre crossed fourth and fifth.

“I didn’t think I was going to get it,” admitted Reed of Denton, MD. “I fell back to third a couple of times.  Then with a couple of laps left I took it to the front.  The kart handled really well. It was a little loose, but
I stuck it in there for the win,” beamed Reed who was piloting a Huffy Racing Engines powered Phantom Racing Chassis Triton kart.

Catlett, VA based Brady Penny, a P&P Speed Shop powered Recon kart racer, bagged the Outlaw win and Cole Neibert claimed the PRO Outlaw checkered flag.  Trent Van Vorst was Penny’s closest pursuer trailing a distant 2.453 seconds later. Further back Mike Ellerbusch, Chris Simonson and Cody Rose completed the top five.

Mike Stratton finished 4.330 seconds behind Neibert followed by Ellerbush who completed the top three.

Blistering the track in 11.517 seconds not only earned Brandon Kelly PRO Junior 1’s pole, it also earned a track record qualifying lap for that class.   After leading the field through 10-restarts Kelly finally captured the checkered flag with the rest of the field trailing over a lap down.

Collin James was second, Jayden Johnson third, Gage Fitchett fourth and Logan Shockley fifth.

A champion’s recognition banquet date will be announced soon.

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