NESKS Merges with F-Series in 2016

From the desk of Michael Rivera and Northeast Shifter Kart Series

NESKS-logoOver the past four seasons the Northeast Shifter Kart Series and the F-Series have worked incredibly hard together to create a truly fun and ultra competitive kart racing program. Our joint vision of creating what we feel has become a home for local, regional and national competitors has become reality. We could not be more pleased with the results and growth we have achieved. Since the end of the 2015 championship our team has been in constant discussions about what will grow and further our combined efforts. Continuously arriving at the same conclusion that two programs that share the same passion, goals and vision should join as one to make for a stronger and unified series. Since the F-Series has a well rounded infrastructure and class structure that perfectly joins with the NESKS Stock Honda and KZ Shifter kart classes we feel a transition will be natural and seamless. Having such a proven prosperous long term relationship, virtually no changes need to occur to the current format or procedures of the shifter classes. Our managing team will stay very involved overseeing many aspects of the current program which is now the F-Series Shifter division. We reassure everyone who has been a dedicated participant and supporter of the Northeast Shifter Kart Series this is a necessary step to evolve into the next phase of our growth. We thank you for continued support and look forward to a prosperous racing season in 2016

Sincerely, Michael Rivera

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